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CCN's 5 Point Program

National Revitalization

Population Stabilization

Immigration Reduction

Economic Sustainability

Resource Conservation



A common fallacy is to equate existing and seemingly open or "unused" spaces with the kind of resources and ecologically productive land needed to support human life under modern conditions. In fact, the criterion for determining whether a region is overpopulated is not land area, but carrying capacity.

Carrying capacity refers to the number of individuals who can be supported in a given area within natural resource limits, and without degrading the natural social, cultural and economic environment for present and future generations. The carrying capacity for any given area is not fixed. It can be altered by improved technology, but mostly it is changed for the worse by pressures which accompany a population increase. As the environment is degraded, carrying capacity actually shrinks, leaving the environment no longer able to support even the number of people who could formerly have lived in the area on a sustainable basis. No population can live beyond the environment's carrying capacity for very long.

The average American's "ecological footprint" (the demands an individual endowed with average amounts of resources, ie, land, water, food, fiber, waste assimilation and disposal, etc. puts on the environment) is about 12 acres, an area far greater than that taken up by one's residence and place of school or work and other places where he or she is.

We must think in terms of "carrying capacity" not land area. The effects of unfettered population growth drastically reduce the carrying capacity in the United States.

CCN Action Alert & Article Archive

June 2014 ILLEGAL INVASION THREAT INTENSIFYING! MAGNIFY YOUR CLOUT!Already in 2014, Tens of Thousands of Illegal Aliens, including many Children and Pregnant Mothers, have streamed across the USA's Southern Border. But rather than trying to stop this flow at the Border, much less to deport illegal aliens, the Border Patrol is encouraged to welcome them by providing Food, Medical Care and other Benefits, all paid for of course by U.S. Taxpayers! Indeed, it appears that this Invasion was planned by the Obama Administration, since in January, 2014, a U.S Government contract website advertised (fbo.gov, January 29, 2014) for bids to provide contract "Escort Services" for an anticipated 65,000 Minors!Not only are American taxpayers footing the Bills, but Americans in general are at risk from "imported" Disease. One case of Infectious Swine Flu has been reported already!!

December 2013 CCN PROTECTING US FROM MULTIPLE THREATS! Carrying Capacity Network is conducting Initiatives to help protect Americans from Threats, including Threats to the American Environment, Resources and Culture, from Wasteful Spending, Mega-Bank Excesses, Discrimination against European-Americans, and above all from the Illegal Alien Amnesty Disasters Bill. As 2014 begins, the Open Borders Lobby's Pressure to pass the Illegal Alien Amnesty Disasters Bill (S.744)will Intensify again. But working together, we can Stop that Bill and the Threats that accompany it, including some people's outrageous view that Illegal Aliens should continue to be a class of U.S. residents entitled toAmerican Taxpayer-funded Benefits. Illegal aliens becoming entitled to your tax money is not an Empty Threat. 

May 2012 Help CCN push jobs for Americans! Expose media distortions and news blackouts regarding true American jobs picture. Young male U.S. Armed Forces Veterans had an unemployment rate of 29.1% in 2011! Official U.S. Youth Unemployment is at 17.1%, and overall Official Unemployment at 8.1%. While these are unacceptably high figures, the Real Unemployment Rate is much higher--over 22% per shadowstats (using the methodology by which unemployment was calculated in the 1980s, before the numbers became politicized)

December 2010 Year-End Newsletter
Dear Activist: Great member support carried Carrying Capacity Network on to new initiatives and several victories in 2010, but Serious Challenges increasingly Threaten our Nation. And CCN actively pushes Solutions to these problems.
With your help, CCN continues to fight back attempts by the Open Borders Lobby to achieve Amnesty for the 25 to 30 million illegal aliens in the United States. This year’s Threats so far have come from back-door Obama Administration efforts to achieve Amnesty piecemeal. In addition Senator Harry Reid has (and is, as we write) trying to attach a Dream Act Amendment to every “must pass” Bill that comes past him.

 September 2010 Save American Culture and Derring-Do! e-Alert brought to you by Carrying Capacity Network Arizona UP! Multiculturalists DOWN! Help Surmount The Threat to Rule of Law Here is WHAT TO DO!!! Arizona’s citizens' are defending themselves from both a cross-border invasion by illegal immigrants, including Human and Drug Traffickers and Mexican Drug Cartels, and from litigation assaults from a US federal government that is forgetting its constitutional bounds.  
July 2010 Cultural Marxism — A Threat to the USA #3 e-Alert brought to you by Carrying Capacity Network Preserving the USA's cultural carrying capacity has been a central concern of Carrying Capacity Network since CCN's founding some twenty years ago.
June 2010 Many are attacking Arizona’s new Immigration Law with threats of boycott and other tactics designed to injure Arizona’s economy. There is even an Obama administration effort to facilitate illegal entry through our national wildlife sanctuary located at the border by permitting water stations along the routes!
April 2010 ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY CRAM-THROUGH LOOMS! Puerto Rican Statehood Threat also Looms! Bill would make USA bilingual "Nation"! The Obama/Pelosi victory in passing the Senate healthcare Bill has given momentum to other Administration agenda items
March 2010 Cultural Marxism — A Threat to the USA? #2 What Is Political Correctness? By William S. Lind Most Americans look back on the 1950s as a good time. Our homes were safe, to the point where many people did not bother to lock their doors. Public schools were generally excellent, and their problems were things like talking in class and running in the halls.
February 2010 Cu ltural Marxism — A Threat to the USA? #1. Who Stole Our Culture? By William S. Lind. Preserving the USA's cultural carrying capacity has been a central concern of Carrying Capacity Network since CCN's founding some twenty years ago. It is the First Principle of CCN's 5-point program. Practices which impair or destroy fundamental cultural values impair the sustainability of a nation -- as the eminent Garrett Hardin asserted in his classic 1986 essay 'Cultural Carrying Capacity' -- just as overuse of not-easily replaceable resources is a transgression of long-term ecological carrying capacity.
October 2009 As anticipated, Congressman Barney Frank is far from allowing either an up or down vote on Ron Paul's Bill, H.R. 1207, to Audit the Fed. Reuters reports that, "Rep. Barney Frank, the influential chairman of the Financial Services committee, said any audit authority over the Fed should be part of an overall regulatory reform package that considers the Fed's future role as a systemic risk regulator or shifts its consumer protection functions to a new agency. This also should place some new controls on the 13-3 authority, which greatly expanded the Fed's activities during the financial crisis."
August 2009 Audit the Fed. House Bill 1207, The Federal Reserve Transparency Act, seeking to audit the Federal Reserve has quietly gained more than 245 sponsors in the House of Representatives and is now gaining momentum as it awaits a hearing in the House Financial Services Committee, chaired by Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA). Congressman Frank, notoriously unwilling to confront the issue of Federal Reserve oversight, has continued his evasion, stating through his office that he has not yet taken a position on this bill.
April 2009 A GUEST EDITORIAL Much of the current financial crisis can be attributed to the failure of the central banking system in the United States, known as the Federal Reserve. It should be noted that the Federal Reserve is neither a federal institution, nor a reserve of any kind. It is a small consortium of very large, privately-owned, for-profit banks that have been authorized by Congress to create money out of thin air. The government allows the membership of this small group of owners to remain secret.  
April 2009 Why is Carrying Capacity Network asking you to support its new 'Abolish the Fed' front-line Initiative?  Here's why: We have asked ourselves why 35 years of work to stop mass immigration and create a Sustainable USA for the long-term has thus far been unsuccessful. A Strategic Cause is that Immigration 'Reform' Groups have not united to push a zero-net-immigration Moratorium -- the only policy which can possibly succeed in reducing mass immigration. 
February 2009 A new study by Robert Rector shows that over 300,000 of the Jobs resulting from the recently enacted. Stimulus Bill will now likely go to Illegal Aliens. And that is only counting construction jobs. Outrageous! Congress also watered down an Amendment which would have prevented the new jobs from going to foreign workers on H1B visas. These visas and similar categories are for 3 years and renewable. They allow bringing spouses, which often results in the birth of new US citizens, "anchor" babies and permanent migration. The record shows that most H1B visas are used by foreign-owned companies that have no interest in creating American jobs.
February 2009 STIMULUS BILL JOBS TO 300,000 ILLEGALS?! RESCUED BANKS SOUGHT FOREIGN WORKERS! 300,000 or more Jobs generated by the Senate's version of the Stimulus Bill would go to Illegal Aliens, according to the Center for Immigration Studies. The Obama Administration has delayed application of E-Verify to Government Contractors. This will allow time for their Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill to be rammed through Congress after the Stimulus Bill passes!
January 2009 Coalition Action Alert. --An Illegal Alien AMNESTY Bill (S9, Reid, D-Nv.) has ALREADY! been introduced with 13 Heavyweight Senators as co-sponsors including Kennedy, Kerry, Schumer, Lieberman, and others. Its stated Open Borders Goal is "reforming and rationalizing avenues for legal immigration." But the USA is in a Deepening Recession with skyrocketing Unemployment, so we do NOT need to be "rationalizing Avenues for legal immigration"; we need to stop Mass Immigration!"

May 2008 ALIEN AMNESTY THREATS SKYROCKET! HERE'S THE WAY TO PUSH BACK The Open Borders Crowd, having failed last year to pass "Comprehensive Reform" (i.e. Amnesty) is clearly well on its way to getting Amnesty/Open Borders in pieces this year. April 2008 Bill Allowing Unlimited Foreign Workers On Fast Track (H.R. 1843) HELP STOP IT! Help push “Fence by Date Certain Act” (H.R. 4987)! Help push a “Salvation from Mass Immigration” Bill --Zero-Net-Immigration MORATORIUM The American Economy is moving into a Deepening Recession and Unemployment is Rising, but that hasn’t stopped leading House Republicans and Democrats from putting a Bill allowing UNLIMITED FOREIGN WORKERS on the fast track to passage! The deceptively tilted “Save Our Small and Seasonal Business Act” H.R. 1843 sponsored by Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich), and pushed by Republican Conference Chairman Adam Putnam (R-Fla) would allow UNLIMITED temporary non-agricultural workers to come work in the USA. 
March 2008 YES on 'FENCE BY DATE CERTAIN' ACT (H.R.4987) for 700 plus miles of a REAL DOUBLE LAYER PHYSICAL FENCE and CONSIDERING THE ' SAVE' ACT (H.R. 4088) The Board and Staff of CCN wish to alert supporters to the difficulty of evaluating the SAVE ACT (Secure America Through Verification and Enforcement Act, H.R. 4088, Shuler D-NC) as well as to the Opportunity to support the excellent 'Fence by Date Certain' Act (H.R. 4987, Jones R-NC). 
March 2008 Open Border Lobbyists, including leading House Democrats and Hispanic Caucus members have been working for several weeks on an Illegal Alien Amnesty bill which would allow all 25 million plus Illegal Aliens to obtain an infinitely renewable Visa, upon payment of a small fine and completion of a background check.



CCN is a group of activists working to promote and conserve what's right with America and to eliminate what's wrong with America. Most of America's main problems - from traffic, to classroom crowding, to pollution, depletion, welfare dependency, increasing taxes, and cultural fragmentation, have deep roots in our unsustainable population growth. Because of that, CCN focuses on stabilizing our population. We are even willing to face the awkward demographic fact that immigration is the cause of most of our recent growth (at current rates, immigration will cause about 90% of our growth as we double in the next 60 years or so).

CCN simply wants to conserve the best of America - before it's developed, overrun, consumed, and polluted by runaway population growth. It's not too late, and we hope that you will join us in this effort.

Note: CCN is anti-mass immigration but NOT anti-immigrant. At NETWORK , we understand that immigration is a sensitive issue. While we hope to encourage debate on this topic and challenge the status quo, it is important to note that our battle is being waged for the future of the United States of America-- for preservation of quality of life, respect for law, national security and a sustainable population size and level of resource use.

These goals do not threaten immigrants. Rather, established immigrants are quick to see that continuing, explosive growth in population size will recreate conditions in the United States that are similar to conditions in their countries of origin and from which they fled. No prejudice nor lack of compassion guides us. Rather, we desire a sustainable future for all. We push for the enactment of sensible policies and we demand enforcement of existing US law.

At NETWORK we work as much for the well being of our immigrant Americans as that of native-born citizens. We were the founding sponsor of the Diversity Coalition for an Immigration Moratorium in order to help achieve a sensible immigration policy. We encourage everyone who cares about the future of America to join us.

The CCN Editorial Policy:

While Carrying Capacity Network endeavors to make sure that all materials contained in our publications are accurate, CCN is not responsible for the reliability of information submitted for publication. CCN does not sanction or endorse any views, policies, or activities of groups or individuals, including members of CCN, except as may be explicitly indicated. CCN will assume that when information is submitted, permission is thereby granted to edit and provide context before dissemination. Due to the volume of submissions, CCN cannot guarantee that any particular item will be included or that it will be included in its entirety. CCN will, however, always endeavor to properly credit sources.

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