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February, 2013


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STOP Stealth

American Taxpayers' Wallets are under multi-Trillion Dollar Threat. And their Jobs are Threatened too, all as a result of the Stealth AMNESTY-PLUS Bill (euphemistically called Comprehensive Immigration Reform in DC-Speak) now being developed behind closed doors in Washington D.C.

It isn't only money, taxes, and services. How many people from foreign cultures can any one society absorb before its own culture breaks down?

Already, Americans are losing touch with their own history, their own folksongs, and tales of their ancestors' valor and sacrifice that built our country and kept her safe. Mass Immigration facilitates a Destructive Multiculturalism.

The so-called Comprehensive Immigration REFORM Bill would not only Amnesty the 24 Million plus Lawbreaking Illegal Aliens now in the USA but, under the Obama Administration version 'leaked' to the Media, would allow Spouses and Minor Children of these Illegals to immigrate as well! And the Obama Administration wants to give them all a Path to Citizenship!

But that Bill is Far More and Far Worse than a 'mere' Amnesty Bill. The 'Gang of Eight' Senators Version would expand legal immigration – green card holders – by admitting additional low-skilled workers to Legal Status.

Low skill workers typically receive de facto free Health Care, free (i.e. Taxpayer supported) Public Education, and 36% of whom are also on some Welfare Program. (cis)

By 2004 there were already 17.7 Million Low-skill Immigrant Households in the USA. Each household cost American Taxpayers $1.3 Million more for the public benefits and law enforcement services directed to them than the total Taxes they Paid.

The NET COST of these Households from 2004 through 2013 was thus $3.9 Trillion! (Heritage Foundation—Robert Rector et al.) Given the Numbers involved in the Proposed Amnesty, the additional Net Cost of the proposed Bill would be even more Trillions!

Added to that Outrage foisted onto all other Americans – including established immigrants – would be the Wage Depression and Job Loss imposed by a new labor force willing to work for less wages and fewer benefits. While gravy for the "cheap labor lobby," dispossession from jobs adds to the woes of the suffering 25 Million Unemployed or Underemployed already in the United States.

Real U.S. Unemployment (i.e. calculated as it was in 1980 before the Numbers became Politicized) is 23% (shadowstats). Lower official numbers are government sleight of hand calculated to undercut arguments that the U.S. does not need more workers in any category of employment.

For example, that so-called 'Reform' Bill would increase the number of Visas for Foreign STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and other Workers. But the USA does NOT have a Worker Shortage in the STEM or other fields. For example, 7.4% of all American Computer Science Graduates are unemployed with up to 12% Unemployed in other STEM fields. (Steve Sailer, VDare)

And the Claims of the 'Reform' Bill proponents that Americans would be given Preference for Jobs and that Border Security would be beefed up ring Hollow. Preference for American jobseekers and enhanced Border Protection are already in the law, but have not been enforced!

And in January, 2013 alone, Foreign-born Employment INCREASED by 112,000, while Native-born Employment DECREASED by 95,000. (Rubenstein, VDare)

In sum, this Bill is not only an AMNESTY-PLUS Bill, but also a Stealth Bill. Carrying Capacity Network understands that once the Gang of Eight et al. finish their draft they will try to RAM it though Congress very quickly under the "Cover" of the ongoing Debate about the Sequester and raising the Debt Ceiling!

We must thus generate Counter-Pressure NOW!

And CCN's Strategy is simple and will be effective if we all together make the Maximum Effort NOW.

Given the increasing Tax, Public Safety, Health Care, and Education Burdens imposed by Mass Immigration, and the intolerably high Unemployment levels among our own people, there is simply No Justification for Mass Immigration whatsoever!

Indeed, the USA ALREADY admits over one Million Immigrants annually via Green Cards, and several hundred thousand more each year via Visas such as H1b. Many of these overstay. Children born in the United States are automatically U.S. citizens even if their parents are here illegally. When the children are grown, they can then petition for their parents and other relatives to be granted permanent residence and eventual citizenship.

Therefore it is essential to Push for a zero-net Moratorium on Mass Legal Immigration. A moratorium not only delegitimizes the whole rationale for Mass Immigration and soaring population growth, but also maximizes political impact and is in our National Interest.

Indeed, failing to push a MORATORIUM – and the Mass Immigration Management Groups DO refuse to push for a Moratorium – sends the signal that Mass Immigration is OK if only we reduce numbers in a couple of categories.

"Had a Moratorium been in effect since 1996, the 20.5 Million Native-born Americans unemployed or underemployed as of December, 2012 would be as much as 9.85 Million lower today – a reduction of nearly 50%." (Rubenstein, vdare, ESR Research)

Genuine Reduction Groups push a Moratorium as a First Priority along with pushing other Good Bills and opposing Bad Ones like 'Comprehensive Immigration Reform.'

One of the best of the Bills to push is H.R. 140, sponsored by Representative King (R-IA), which would eliminate automatic citizenship for children born in the U.S. to illegal aliens. Another is H.R. 477, sponsored by Representative Gingery (R-GA) which would eliminate Chain Migration of adults other than immediate family members.

Support the good Bills while at the same time contacting your Representatives in DC to say you do NOT want any version of the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill – and that you DO want a Moratorium.

Finally, CCN greatly needs your generous Donation NOW so we can Intensify our Efforts to oppose this Bill. Please donate now at the Carrying Capacity website or by snail mail to the mailing address below (and remember your donations are tax-deductible).

We can defeat the so-called Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill but it will take Maximum Effort on all our parts!



Carrying Capacity Network


  • Note: CCN is anti-mass immigration but NOT anti-immigrant.

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