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February, 2012


Carrying Capacity Network


Help Stop Job-Stealing Open Borders Policies!

From January, 2009, when President Obama assumed Office to October, 2011, nearly a three year period, Immigrant Employment in the USA rose by 4.1% while native-born American Employment declined by 2.3%! (Rubenstein,

Yet the Obama Administration supports the so-called "Fairness for High-skilled Immigrants Act" H.R. 3012 which passed the House. The Senate Version (S.1983, Schumer, N.Y.) could be voted out of the Senate Judiciary Committee any day now. This Legislation would RAISE quotas for Foreign Computer Technicians, while many native-born American Computer Technicians are suffering from Unemployment.

Making matters worse for native-born American Jobseekers, and local and state budgets, the Obama Administration is starting to shut down a Program (287(g)) which deputized local police officers to act as Immigration Agents, by turning over Illegal Aliens to ICE for deportation.

And the Obama Administration has forbidden Border Patrol agents from entering Public Lands along the Border, which are being seriously damaged by Human and Drug Traffickers. And a Bill was recently introduced in the California Assembly to give Illegal Aliens Drivers Licenses.

And all this while our Border grows ever more Porous and Dangerous. San Diego, California Prosecutors recently revealed evidence that Mexican Drug traffickers dissolved their San Diego Victims in Acid!

So, please, contact your Senators (and other representatives as appropriate) and ask them to:

--Be Fair to AMERICANS and and Save American Jobs by voting against S. 1983, and

--urge the Obama Administration to stop dismantling the 287(g) Program, and,

--to allow our Border Patrol to protect our Border whether on Public Lands or not, and

--to sponsor the "Protection from Transnational Gangs" Act which would require local and state law enforcement agencies to perform Federal Immigration enforcement functions, and would deny drivers licenses to Illegal Aliens. (Download petition at ]

-- since Massive Legal Immigration creates more job competition for Americans and multi-billion net costs for Taxpayers too, urge them to support a zero-net Moratorium on legal Immigration as well.

Thank you

Carrying Capacity Network



  • Note: CCN is anti-mass immigration but NOT anti-immigrant.

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