ASAP! Alliance for Stabilizing America's Population

In August, 1997, environmental groups and activists - including many involved in the '70's population stabilization efforts - met in Colorado to form the Alliance for Stabilizing America's Population (ASAP!). They brainstormed how to educate activists and legislators on the need to stabilize U.S. population, to protect the environment and preserve our quality of life.

ASAP! Coalition Action

A Majority of Americans Want Immigration Reduced

Immigration Polls

ASAP! Grassroots Action Project to Stop Mass Immigration

Immigration Moratorium Resolution for Organizations

Illegal Immigration Resolution for Organizations

Immigration Moratorium Resolution for Individuals

Illegal Immigration Resolution for Individuals

ASAP! Immigration Moratorium Action Plan

ASAP! National Coalition Calls for Immigration Moratorium

Why a Moratorium is a Must for US Population Stabilization

ASAP! Signatories

What ASAP! Signatories Have to Say

The Real Bind is Too Many People Everywhere

Immigration is an Environmental Issue

Environment - Population - Sustainable Development

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