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April, 2013


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Urgent – Stop Great Deceptive Amnesty Bill! – Net Cost to Taxpayers – 6.3 Trillion!
(for Amnestied Illegals Alone!)

The 'Gang of Eight' Senators and their Open Borders Allies are promoting an Amnesty Bill as a way to ostensibly do justice to the Alleged 11 Million Illegals officially residing in the USA and to "fix" a "broken" Immigration System.

In fact, the Bill does far more Harm than legalizing the 24 Million plus (YES, actually 24 or more Million!) Illegal Aliens illegally in the USA and admitting Millions more of their Relatives, and all to eventual Citizenship.

In fact it is a Massive Deception and Rip-Off of American Citizens and permanent Legal Residents.

Please forward this email to all our supporters and potential supporters so they will know the Bill:

– Contains $150,000,000 (that’s one hundred fifty Million Dollars!), in Slush Funds for many of the groups involved in writing and promoting the Amnesty! (cis)

– Allows the amnestied Illegal Aliens & Families access to Welfare after only six months! (ref: Senator Jeff Sessions, R-AL). [Not as though illegal aliens hadn't found wormholes already: 36% of Legal and Illegal Immigrants in the USA already receive some form of Welfare, including 1.3 Million on Food Stamps!]

– Does NOT contain any provision forcing compliance with the federal law which states that any immigrant is "inadmissible" who is "likely at any time to become a public charge." (Senate Budget Committee Report)

– Would allow over Thirty Million to become legal residents in short order, with millions more to come. (Balance)

– Would require a National I.D. card for all American Citizens and legal residents, even though our Social Security cards already serve this purpose. (ref: Rep. Ron Paul, R-TX)

– Would NOT end automatic Citizenship for US-born children of Illegal Aliens. Therefore, this unconstitutional track to birthright citizenship, plus its effective deportation-avoidance for the illegal alien parents, would continue to be immense Incentives for more to migrate Illegally.

– Would enact a hiatus in application of eVerify - quite the opposite effect from implied in efforts to "sell" the Amnesty by claiming that if would make E-verify apply to everybody.

– Would increase the number of low-skill Migrants by 300,000 per year and increase the number of STEM worker Visas to more than 120,000 per year. The Obama Administration has already deferred the Deportation of Millions of Illegal Alien "Dreamers" and is giving them work permits. This Amnesty Bill would give them and all other admittees Social Security Cards making them eligible for 79 Federal Welfare Benefits and anti-poverty programs! (Senate Budget Committee Report)

– Would further discourage the more-than 40 percent of recent U.S. college graduates who are unemployed, underemployed, or need more training to get on a career track. Although many are heavily indebted already with student loans, "Nearly half, 42 percent, of recent graduates expect they will need an advanced degree to further their career and almost a quarter are already planning to take graduate courses." (Katherine Lavelle, with Accenture; Reuters)

– Would generate NET Costs of TRILLIONS more dollars to American Taxpayers, in the order of magnitude of $1.3 Million NET Cost PER HOUSEHOLD for public Benefits and Services (which already totaled $3.9 TRILLION in the decade 2004-2013!) (Heritage Foundation, Robert Rector et al.)

– If the Amnesty Bill is passed the NET (Benefits minus Total Taxes paid) COST TO THE AMERICAN TAXPAYERS will be at least $6.3 TRILLION!! (Heritage Foundation., Robert Rector et al. May, 2013). And of course this does NOT include the NET COST of the Increased Legal flow which would be Trillions of Dollars more.

– Would Increase Massive Wage Depression and Job Loss for Employed, Underemployed and Unemployed (already 23% per shadowstats) Americans even though studies show that THERE ARE NO JOBS AMERICANS WON'T DO!

– "Of the 472 civilian occupations, only six are majority immigrant (legal & Illegal). These six account for only 1 percent of the total U.S. workforce. Native-born Americans still comprise 46% of workers even in these six occupations"! (cis, May, 2013)

– Would Reduce National Security. There is no requirement that alleged Refugees (e.g. Boston Bomber suspects) Asylees, Amnestied Illegals, or regular Immigrants, learn English, or take the Oath of Allegiance or Citizenship seriously. One of the Boston Bomber suspects was admitted to Citizenship, and the other was NOT deported even though charged with Domestic Violence. Enhanced Border Security was promised in the 1986 ("first and last," according to its advocates then) Amnesty of 3 Million Illegals, but obviously has never been achieved.

– Would NOT change Welfare laws which allowed the family of the alleged Boston Bombers to receive over $100,000 in Taxpayer-funded benefits including Welfare and Section 8 Housing! (ref: State of Massachusetts)

– Would guarantee that the European-American founding stock of the USA become a Permanent Minority nationwide subject to increasing Discrimination, and Physical Violence, as it already has been in several States (CCN Year-End letter). White children are at least twice as likely to be Bullied as black children according to a report just presented at the Chicago Pediatrician’s Conference (May, 2013).

– Would increase the Destruction of Social Cohesion in the United States by increasing Multiple Cultures and Values greatly at variance with Individual Rights, Free Speech, Protection of Women, and Rule of Law, all ideals and hallmarks of American Culture (CCN). The USA's Cultural Carrying Capacity is being severely taxed, as Garrett Hardin warned in his eponymous 1986 essay, that Mass Immigration would do.

In sum, the Deception and Harm resulting from this bill would be extraordinary. Consider this analysis from the Center for Immigration Studies:

“The extent of the problem is often hidden by S.744’s deceptive language; it contains misleading subtitles which mask the rewards and protection given to lawbreakers, Because the bill excuses nearly all forms of immigration and identity fraud for amnesty applicants, the proposed legislation compromises the integrity of our immigration system… 9/11 hijackers could qualify for legalization…” (cis, “Gang of Eight Bill Rewards Lawbreakers and Undermines Law Enforcement”)

HELP CCN STOP THIS BILL by contacting your Representatives (phone calls or office visits followed by letters are the Most Effective) and asking them to

– OPPOSE the Amnesty Bill in its entirety, and

– SPONSOR a zero-net MORATORIUM BILL. Given all the aforementioned, we must Stop Mass Immigration.

– DONATE to CCN NOW – The Amnesty Bill is Moving Fast, and we must Intensify our Efforts.

– Together, we can stop this Bill, but we need your help! Please forward this email!

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