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January, 2013


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Regardless of what the DC pro Open Borders Politicians say, it is clear that they are putting together a bill that would allow virtually Unlimited Immigration into the USA! It is NOT "merely" an Amnesty Bill as some Mass Immigration Management groups would have you believe.

The Bill they are crafting (euphemistically called Comprehensive Immigration Reform, in DC-Speak) would make dramatic and unlimited increases in Legal Immigration as well as Amnestying Millions of Illegals (thus rewarding their law breaking) with no cap or limit into the future.

Consider for example, that the Bipartisan 'Gang of Eight’ Senators are explicitly pushing:

  • Amnesty for the TWENTY FOUR Million plus (see Balance Alert) Illegals currently in the United States, with no limits on future or continuing Amnesties. They totally disregard the fact that the 1986 Amnesty of some three Million Illegals was claimed to be the first and only Amnesty. Of course there have been several since then!

  • And yet another Amnesty encourages yet more to come seeking yet another Amnesty!!

  • And so far as the Open Borders advocates' promises of increased Border Enforcement and Employer Sanctions (already the unenforced law!) where hiring Illegals is concerned, we have heard these promises before beginning with the 1986 Act, and they are all just so much Hot Air!

  • And None of the DC Open Borders advocates are pushing any limit on the continuing Chain Migration of Families of legalized Illegals, or newly legalized Legals for that matter.

  • And they want to increase the Number of Permanent Residence Visas granted to foreigners in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), even though 6% to 12% (depending on the specific STEM discipline) of our own STEM graduates are unemployed!

  • And they want to increase the number of LOW SKILLED workers admitted to permanent residence, even though over 25 Million Americans (including one in three Veterans!) are Unemployed or underemployed (Real U.S. Unemployment in the USA is 23% per ShadowStats), and even though...

  • Low Skilled, Low Wage Immigrants get essentially Free (i.e., Taxpayer supported) Public Education and Medical care, and 36 % of them receive some sort of Welfare Payments! (And we would not be surprised if the next step after such an Amnesty would be to make all TWENTY FOUR MILLION plus legalized illegals eligible for Obamacare, at our Great Expense!)

  • But in 2004 there were already 17.7 Million Low-skill Households in the USA each of which cost taxpayers $1.3 Million more (for the aforementioned benefits) than the taxes they paid. The NET Cost of these Households from 2004 through 2013 was thus $3.9 TRILLION! (Heritage Foundation Study – Rector, et. al.)

  • Legalizing the 24 Million plus Illegals in the USA (and therefore making them eligible for increased benefits) will carry a $Multi-trillion additional price tag.

And President Obama is clearly the leader of the DC Politicians pushing for Unlimited Immigration.

In his Reno speech earlier this week he said that the United States should be "Welcoming everybody who aspires to do something more" (!! –How many Hundreds of Millions, we ask, would that be?) And if Congress does not act fast enough for him, he threatened to present his own Bill and demand Action. Indeed the President has already telegraphed his intentions by issuing his arguably unconstitutional Executive Orders granting temporary Amnesty to the "Dreamers" and their Illegal Alien parents and authorizing Work Permits for them!

Do the foregoing actions and statements reflect any concern for the Wage Depression and Job Loss suffered by American Workers and the Taxes Americans pay to Subsidize Free Education and Health Care and Welfare for Immigrants? They do not!

Well, CCN cares about the Welfare of Taxpaying Americans and Unemployed Americans alike, and CCN will fight to stop this Bill, period!

More than that, it is essential that we maximize our effectiveness since we are greatly underfunded compared with the lavishly funded Open Borders Opposition.

And Simple Logic dictates our Approach:

Given the Increasing Tax, Public Safety, Health Care and Education Burdens imposed by Mass Immigration, and the intolerably high Unemployment levels among our own people, there is simply No Justification for Mass Immigration whatsoever!

Indeed, the USA already admits over one Million Immigrants annually via Green Cards, and several hundred thousand more each year via Visas such as H1b. Many of these overstay. And their children born here are automatically U.S. Citizens who can then petition for their families’ legal permanent residence and eventual citizenship.

Therefore it is essential to Push for a zero-net Moratorium on Mass Legal Immigration not only because it delegitimizes the whole justification for Mass Immigration, but also because it maximizes political impact and is in our National Interest.

Indeed, failing to push a Moratorium, as the Mass Immigration Management Groups refuse to do, sends the signal that Mass Immigration is OK if only we reduce a couple of Categories. Genuine Reduction Groups push a Moratorium as a First Priority along with pushing other Good Bills and opposing Bad Ones like 'Comprehensive Immigration Reform.'

So contact your Representatives in DC and tell them you do NOT want any such Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill and that you DO want a Moratorium.

And ask them to support H.R. 140 (King, R-IA) which would eliminate automatic Birthright Citizenship for children born to illegal immigrants.

And CCN greatly needs your generous Donation so we can Intensify our Efforts to oppose this Bill. Please donate now at the Carrying Capacity website or by snail mail to the mailing address below (and remember your donations are tax-deductible).

We can defeat the so-called Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill but it will take Maximum Effort on all our parts!


Carrying Capacity Network





  • Note: CCN is anti-mass immigration but NOT anti-immigrant.

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