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November, 2011


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1) 25 Million Americans are Unemployed or Underemployed but over 7 million jobs in the USA are held by Illegals.

2) The Obama Administration recently enacted a Stealth Amnesty by halting deportation of Illegals under the guise of "Prosecutorial Discretion". In effect, deportations of all illegals except those who had committed a serious crime were dropped!

Indeed, this Stealth Amnesty is a de facto Legalization of Illegals!

3) This de facto legalization of hundreds of thousands of Illegals by Executive Order could have been impeded if a firm zero-net immigration Moratorium were enacted into law. Such a Moratorium Cap would allow only about 150,000 legal immigrants a year to replace that same number of persons who voluntarily leave the USA each year

4) The NET costs imposed on taxpayers by legal and illegal immigration are staggering. About $100 billion/yr. of total means tested welfare spending goes to households headed by an immigrant. If this continues low-skill immigrants will receive over $1 TRILLION in the next decade alone just for welfare payments, and NOT including Multi-hundred billion NET Education and Health Care costs. [Net costs are those left after subtracting taxes that immigrants pay.]

5) If continued, the de facto Stealth Amnesty will result in $2.6 Trillion in extra spending in Social Security and Medicare alone. (Rector, Heritage Foundation.)

6) The fiscal deficit attributable to immigration is 17% (Rubenstein, -- that’s about $2.6 trillion of the USA's $15 Trillion debt when viewed over a ten year period.

7) The U.S. issues about 125,000 Work Visas to foreigners every MONTH! That is about 1,500,000/yr. of which 200,000 go to foreign skilled workers. These skilled workers compete with the ten million Americans who have degrees in science, engineering and technology and cannot find work in those fields, and many of whom are unemployed!

ACTION Push for a zero-net Immigration MORATORIUM every time you push for any other immigration reform.

Failing to push for a Moratorium sends the message that a continuation of Mass Immigration is OK, and that just a few changes are necessary.

Pushing for a Moratorium on legal immigration delegitimizes the whole concept of Mass Immigration.

Failing to push for a Moratorium facilitates illegal immigration, because it sends the message that Illegals are OK if they are just legalized.

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  • Note: CCN is anti-mass immigration but NOT anti-immigrant.

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