Carrying Capacity Network Action Alert

November, 2008


Carrying Capacity Network


"The Solution for Our Mass Immigration Crisis!"
Carrying Capacity Network has the Solution for our Mass Immigration Crisis!

Mass Legal and Illegal Immigration adds over 4 million people to our United States each year and worsens many problems including Crime, Disease, Pollution, Overcrowding at Hospitals and Schools, and Billions in Overtaxation!

So join Carrying Capacity Network and its Allies to work for a Moratorium on Mass Legal Immigration and a Real Physical Fence at our Border to help stop Illegal.

Pushing for a Moratorium sends a message loud and clear to our politicians that Mass Immigration must be stopped.  Failure to push for a Moratorium sends the message that continuing Mass Immigration is OK so long as it's "managed."   But managing does not cure The Mass Immigration Crisis.

Support a sustainable good quality of life. 
Support a Genuine Reductionist Organization.
Join us!




  • Note: CCN is anti-mass immigration but NOT anti-immigrant.

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