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December, 2014


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By agreeing to fund the Department of Homeland Security (which oversees Immigration) only through February 27, 2015, the Obama Administration and the lame-duck Congress have given us barely two months to Disable that Amnesty.

And, given the opposition of the Obama Administration, coupled with the Cheap Labor Lobby on the Right and the Ethnic Power and Government Benefits Recipients Lobbies on the Left, it will take a Great Effort to get it done.

But we can succeed, with your help.

First consider the Disastrous Consequences of Obama’s Unconstitutional (per Federal Judge Schwab—W. D. Penn, among many others).

Executive Order “enacting” an Illegal Alien Amnesty.

It makes five million Illegal Aliens (and probably Millions More) Eligible (to the Great Detriment of American Workers/Taxpayers) for:

  • Work Permits
  • Unemployment Benefits
  • Social Security Retirement Benefits
  • Medicare Benefits
  • Obamacare Benefits (contrary to earlier promises to the contrary)
  • Earned Income Tax Credits

And, in addition

  • Pregnant Illegal Aliens and Children are Eligible for Health Care Benefits including SCHIP

If allowed to stand one can see how this Executive Amnesty would cost the Taxpayers Trillions because it “Enacts” Many of the Provisions which the (Now Unsuccessful Thankfully) S774 Bill (with its $6.1 Trillion Net Cost to Taxpayers) would have enacted (Heritage Foundation).

So, when contacting your Representative in the New Congress make the Following points: The Executive Amnesty will create more Border Crises that have consequences far inland across the entire USA, because it not only effectively disables Border Enforcement (thus encouraging Millions More to come) but also halts all interior enforcement by terminating the Secure Communities Program thereby creating a Great National Security Threat.

Among the intensifying Negative Consequences are increased Welfare Payment demands and Medicare/Obamacare use by the legalized and legals — Immigrant families account for 42% of Medicaid Costs Growth since 2011 (

 Further, the number that would be Amnestied is likely far more than the 4 million reported by the Main Stream Media, which unquestioningly parrots the official [Bogus] estimate of number of illegal aliens in the US.  In fact, the Obama Administration is soliciting bids for printing up to 34 million!! Green cards. The number of Green (Permanent Residency) Cards— repeat — is 34,000,000!!

But by acting together, given the composition of the New Congress, much of that Amnesty can be nullified by DEFUNDING ITS IMPLEMENTATION.  Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) will head the Senate Budget Committee in the New Congress. And IF he can get sufficient support from other members of Congress, Border Security can be restored and much of the Damage done by Obama's Open Borders policies can be repaired.

But it is up to all of us to maximize the chances that Senator Sessions receives sufficient Support from both Republicans and Democrats to defund the Amnesty.  So when you contact your current Representatives and Representatives-elect, also tell them:

—The Executive Amnesty violates 8USC§1225 which curtails Presidential Discretion regarding Aliens Unlawfully present in the US. (

—Any Illegal Alien Amnesty and Continuing Mass Legal Immigration will be a Disaster for America's Working Poor, Unemployed, and Underemployed. Just since July, 2014, "foreign-born employment has increased by 1,028,000, while the number of native-born Americans working has decreased by 780,000" (Rubenstein,, 11/8/14).  This Illegal Alien Amnesty will add millions to the number of workers competing for American jobs, and will depress Wages as well.

—Granting “Advance Parole” to Illegal Alien Deferred Action Recipients violates 8USC §1182(d)(5). (

—Harvard Professor George Borjas estimates that the USA's current High Immigration Rates result in Wage Loss of $402 Billion/Year for American Workers!

 Indeed, American workers and those who would like to be workers, instead of unemployed, are being devastated by mass immigration. Anyone doubting these findings needs to Follow the Money [FTM].  It's Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and the US Chamber of Commerce joining up with Ethnic Power lobbies to push mass immigration.

—And we reiterate that Diseases are being brought in by the ongoing Flood of Illegal Alien Minors and their adult relations, Practicing internist Dr. Marc Siegel MD lays out the risks: “... Since illegal immigrants who enter the US are not prescreened in any way, many carry disease... ten to twenty-five percent of the immigrants (in Texas and Arizona) have Scabies, a highly contagious intensely itchy rash.... Already drug-resistant tuberculosis is spreading in Texas...  Dengue Fever... is now spreading from the Illegal Immigrants into Texas and Arizona... Measles and Chickenpox are now emerging among the unvaccinated immigrants... now Swine Flu has appeared....” Marc Siegel MD, Fox News, June, 2014

—And even worse, there is increasing medical evidence that the Enterovirus   Epidemic which has sickened thousands of American children, and killed at least seven, is being imported via the Central American Alien Minors as is Chagas disease transmitted by the "kissing bug" parasite.

—If our Border is not secured and Obama's non-enforcement policies remain in place, more convicted Illegal Aliens will be released into American communities, in addition to the 36,000 already released into the USA.  These should all be incarcerated or deported!

And Mass Legal Immigration has Negative Impacts also…

—The foreign-born population has already quadrupled since 1970 with visas issued to over 30 million foreigners. And ALL employment gains during that period have gone to Immigrants!! (Sen. Sessions, relying on multiple academic studies).

In sum, for the first two months of 2015 much of the IMMIGRATION POLICY for the USA FOR THE NEXT DECADE WILL BE DECIDED!!  The fall-out, however, will affect the life-chances of American babies being born now, and the Costs and Threats suffered by us Citizens NOW.



2) Reintroduce in the new Session of Congress and Support the “Immigration Compliance Enforcement (ICE) Act, H.R. 3732, and the ENFORCE the law Act of 2014, H.R. 4138, from the 2013-2014 Session to oppose Government by Executive Decree.

3) Complete the Border Fence which has already been authorized by Congress and Deport those in the US Illegally.  (President Eisenhower deported hundreds of thousands in the space of less than 12 months, and the USA and American workers benefited greatly).

4) And, VERY IMPORTANT— Under Current Law over one Million Legal Immigrants are admitted annually.  Without question, The Best Strategy for reducing these numbers is Push for a Zero-Net MORATORIUM as a First Priority, even if we do not get one any time soon.

That is because Pushing for a zero-Net MORATORIUM maximizes Political Pressure to get some Reductions at least. And it would maximally benefit American Workers and our country as leaders of over 45 Activist Organizations agreed at the founding Conference of the ASAP! Coalition which CCN co-Sponsored nearly two Decades ago.

And it is ESSENTIAL to ADVOCATE A MORATORIUM IN ORDER TO DELEGITIMIZE THE WHOLE JUSTIFICATION FOR MASS IMMIGRATION AS WELL as to maximize political pressure to get some reductions.  Is it not therefore True that any Organization which refuses to Push a Moratorium, as a First Priority, is NOT really Serious about reducing Immigration?!!

Indeed, refusing to push a Moratorium and instead, merely advocating for “Lower Immigration” or merely for “Immigration Reform” is Counterproductive because it sends the Message that Mass Immigration is OK if we just tweak it a bit.

Please let your Representatives, Senators and the media know that if Obama’s Executive Order is allowed to stand, and Legal Immigration of 1 Million per Year continues, it will create a Demographic, Budgetary, Public Health, law enforcement and Environmental Disaster that is magnitudes greater than Mass Immigration is already creating.

Phone Calls or Office Visits followed by Snail Mail letters are most effective (emails are often ignored and fax machines can be turned off).

AND VERY IMPORTANT NOW — Please help CCN Intensify our Opposition to the Executive Amnesty and Mass Immigration NOW!
Only our Massive Grassroots Effort can stop this lawless Rule by Executive Decree and this ill-conceived Open Borders policy and Bills!!

Please forward this to friends and potential supporters.

Open Borders advocates are very well funded by the Cheap Labor Lobby on the Right and various Ethnic Power Groups and Government Benefits Recipients on the Left. We, on the other hand, have no wealthy interest group in our corner.


CCN GREATLY needs everyone who reads this to make a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION, however large or small to CCN NOW so we can intensify our efforts!


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Note: CCN is anti-mass immigration, NOT anti-immigrant

Mailing Address: Carrying Capacity Network | P.O. Box 457 | San Francisco, CA 94104
Street Address: Carrying Capacity Network | 1629 K Street NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC, 20006

Note: CCN is anti-mass immigration but NOT anti-immigrant

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