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January, 2014


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Behind Closed Doors, certain Members of the House of Representatives from both Parties are planning to launch a Quick Blitz of their Amnesty Disasters Bill to RAM it through the House, before we, The American Public, can react!

Do NOT let them get away with it!

With Open Borders advocates using "Fighting Poverty and Income Inequality" issues to direct attention away from Obamacare and high Unemployment, we can help people understand that an excellent way to fight poverty in the USA is to stop Mass Immigration.

CCN opposes the Illegal Alien Disasters Bill (S.744) on many grounds, and especially now on grounds that Mass Immigration victimizes unemployed and underemployed Americans.  The fight against poverty and income inequality can NOT be won while Mass Immigration continues.

Therefore, A critical mass of Americans should be telling their Representatives to fight Amnesty for illegal aliens and reduce legal immigration.  One of CCN's Main Goals is to educate the public.  More and more Americans are seeing that:

  • the Greatest single step to fighting poverty would be to reduce Unemployment! Representatives in the House can be reminded that ANY Amnesty Bill would dramatically INCREASE Unemployment of Americans.
  •  Mass Immigration has already seriously wounded Americans’ employment prospects:   

From January 2009 to December 2013:

  • The immigrant employment index rose from 100.0 to 110.0
  • The native-born American employment index in December 2013 was 100.2, or just barely above the level of January 2009.
  • That is, Native-born American employment rose 0.2% (by only 198,000 jobs in 5 years)
  • Virtually all new jobs in this 5 year period were filled by immigrants.  
  • Americans lost ground, with more entering the labor market than found employment. "Half Total USA Job growth was needed just to absorb December, 2013's Immigration” -- Edwin S. Rubenstein on January 11, 2014  

And, with respect to increasing Taxes, remind your Representatives that the NET Cost of the Immigration resulting from the Senate's Amnesty Disasters Bill (i.e. after subtracting Taxes Immigrants may pay) is $6.3 TRILLION!! (Heritage Fdn.,

Even the partisan Congressional Budget Office reported that the Senate Bill (S. 744) would 

  • reduce wages of Americans for 12 years
  • increase unemployment for seven years
  • reduce per capita Gross National Product for more than 25 years!

And of course the 30 Million Plus Immigrants which the Disasters Bill would admit in the next decade would greatly increase pressure on our Hospitals, Schools, and which, BTW, most Immigrants get for "free"  i.e. Taxpayer funded.  Even long-established immigrants are more likely than Native-born Americans to have the low incomes that qualify them for free services.

And one California State Senator Ricardo Lara wants to use State Tax Dollars for Health Insurance for Illegals. Obamacare for Illegals?!

And what about the population growth that contributes to increased crowding on our Urban Freeways?

And what about WATER?!  Most of the Southwest, and California especially, is suffering a All-time Record Drought!!  And 15% of all Immigrants go to California – that’s about 4.5 Million more Immigrants into California if the Bill passes!

And remember, please, to remind your Representative how Critical it is that no BILL  --- NO Bill --be allowed to come out of the House.  The reason is that ANY Bill would go to Conference with the Senate Bill. Therefore, it would likely come out of Conference looking like the ruinous Senate Bill S. 744.

Experience shows that office visits or phone calls followed by Letters are the most effective means of communicating with Representatives and Senators.  Fax machines can be turned off and emails disregarded.

Most Important, CCN has a SOLUTION which you should urge upon your legislators:  If opponents to Amnesty in the House want to express their own and constituents'  views, let than do it as a RESOLUTION.  A Resolution would NOT go to Conference Committee. It would thus not run the risk of being destroyed by blending with the already-passed Horrendous Senate Bill.

Further, ask your Representative and Senators to sponsor CCN and its Allies' 9 Point Resolution which is posted on CCNs website. That would put the pressure on the Obama Administration and other Open Borders advocates to actually enforce the laws regarding the Border and related Immigration issues before any Bill could be considered!!

Please forward this email to friends and potential supporters. Only a strong Citizen Grass Roots Effort can stop this Bill.

And one more Very Important Point, The Open Borders Lobby is very well funded by the Cheap Labor Lobby on the Right and various Ethnic Power Groups and government Benefits recipients on the Left. We, on the other hand, have no wealthy interest group in our corner.

CCN needs everyone who reads this to make a tax-deductible donation, however large or small to CCN NOW so we can intensify our efforts!

Carrying Capacity Network
Mailing Address: Carrying Capacity Network | P.O. Box 457 | San Francisco, CA 94104
Street Address: Carrying Capacity Network | 1629 K Street NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC, 20006
Note: CCN is anti-mass immigration, NOT anti-immigrant

Mailing Address: Carrying Capacity Network | P.O. Box 457 | San Francisco, CA 94104
Street Address: Carrying Capacity Network | 1629 K Street NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC, 20006

Note: CCN is anti-mass immigration but NOT anti-immigrant

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