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December, 2008


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The Only Way To Stop the Increasing Mass Immigration Threat!

        Senate Majority Leader Reid (D-Nv.) recently said it should be Easy to pass a Mass Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill early in 2009, and that Obama and McCain  had already "agreed to move forward on it”.

        But illegal immigrants and their offspring add over 2 million a year to the U.S. population.  Just think of the increased job loss, wage depression, strain on infrastructure and burden on budgets, hospitals and schools such an Amnesty would cause - - and at a time when hundreds of thousands of Americans are losing their jobs!

        Of course, Carrying Capacity Network and its ASAP! Coalition Allies will fight harder than ever to stop such an Illegal Alien Amnesty.  But, frankly, stopping the Amnesty now, as we have several times in the last several years, will be much more difficult than ever, given the new Congress and Obama Administration, both of which are very pro-Open Borders.

        But even if we do stop the Illegal Alien Amnesty, we are  still under a great threat from ongoing Mass Immigration because legal immigration also adds over 2 million immigrants and their offspring to the U.S. population each year.  And Mass Legal immigration is also a continuing source of wage depression, job loss, and the same pressures on infrastructure, hospitals, schools and taxpayers.

        Fortunately there is one Solution (and only one) to this Mass Immigration Threat.  Indeed, it is The Only Solution for stopping Mass Immigration.  A long-time Carrying Capacity Network supporter has laid out that Solution below.  CCN and its ASAP! Coalition Allies are taking the offense by following that Strategy.

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      With your help, we can defeat that Illegal Alien Amnesty bill and achieve Immigration Reduction!




by a Carrying Capacity Network Supporter


To understand the One and Only Strategy for stopping Amnesties and achieving Immigration Reduction, we must consider the reasons the past three decades of immigration “reform” activism have been largely unsuccessful while the Open Borders lobby has been repeatedly successful.

That will give us The Key to stopping bad bills and to achieving Genuine Immigration Reduction.

The Open Borders Lobby has been successful not merely because they are lavishly well funded, but also because they have been consistently offensive, calling the very legitimacy of borders and limits into question through repeated demands for “Amnesty.”

To win, Reductionists must adopt a similar strategy:  go on the offense and call the whole Enterprise of Mass Immigration into question.  But how do Reductionists do this?  

Three decades of Mass Immigration “Reform and Management” efforts prove that merely defensively opposing Mass Illegal Alien Amnesties, or merely working for Incremental Reductions in certain immigration categories is a doomed strategy.

Pushing merely for incremental category reductions fails to call into question the whole Enterprise of Mass Immigration.  Thus, predictably, mass legal and illegal immigration continues and increases.

Clearly, how Reductionists go on the offense is critically important.

1) Pushing merely for incremental or category reductions can not succeed because the opposition always mobilizes arguments regarding any particular category (can’t keep out families, or relatives, or “discriminate” against, or for, this or that group, can we?)

2) Moreover, by seeking to reduce ONLY certain categories (e.g. extended family) Mass Immigration Management groups implicitly legitimize a continuation of mass legal immigration via all the other categories.  As well, they send the weak-kneed message that Reductionists will be satisfied if only a few category-reduction crumbs are tossed their way.

3) A further requirement for success is that we must focus on both illegal and legal immigration simultaneously.  However well intentioned it may be, pushing only to stop illegal immigration is a deeply flawed strategy:

  • A central Pro-Amnesty argument on Capitol Hill has long been that “The Solution to the Illegal Alien Problem is to Legalize Them All.”  Clearly, if we Reductionists do not simultaneously push for stopping mass legal immigration, then that argument to legalize all the illegals can sound quite persuasive.

  • Only by questioning the legitimacy of mass immigration in toto, both legal and illegal, can Reductionists force the opposition to try to justify allowing any significant immigration at all.

  • Legal immigrants and their offspring add over 2 million to the U.S. population annually.

  • Mass legal immigration must be de-legitimized, per se, because burgeoning legal immigrant communities serve as a job and family magnets and safe haven for illegal immigrants as well as for more legal immigrants.

  • Mass Legal Immigration itself is not justifiable because of the multi-hundred billion in net costs (i.e. after subtracting taxes immigrants pay) it imposes on taxpayers (cf. studies by Dr. Don Huddle , Dr. Ed Rubenstein and Robert Rector), the wage depression and job loss it causes (Dr. George Borjas), the resource depletion, environmental degradation and disease it facilitates (Population-Environment BALANCE and Carrying Capacity Network), and the massive cultural, social and political dysfunctions it causes (Alien Nation).
In sum, Immigration Reform/Management groups focusing mainly on stopping amnesties and merely pushing incremental reductions in a few categories mortally wound the Reduction Movement.  [Indeed, one Numbers Management Group late in the fall, 2007 repeated its opposition to deporting illegals, calling instead for “self-deportation.”  With allies like these, the Open Borders Groups can go on holiday! Moveover, these management groups have just about given up pushing for legal immigration reduction!]

The Good News is that there is One Strategy which incorporates all the aforementioned requirements for success:  PUSHING for a zero-net immigration MORATORIUM on legal immigration.

PUSHING a MORATORIUM calls into question the whole Enterprise of Mass Immigration and in so doing puts the opposition on the defensive.  It changes the terms of public debate from merely defending against illegal immigration, and pathetically (and thus far futilely) seeking incremental reduction of some categories of legal immigration, to asking “why should we have any substantial immigration at all?”

Indeed, why should we?

That transformation of the public debate would provide the ideal booster for pushing a Moratorium, and thus actually getting reductions.

 Only by demanding a zero-net-immigration MORATORIUM can we provide the full rationale for reducing immigration - - that it is inhumane to American workers who have their wages depressed and lose their jobs, that it costs American taxpayers billions even after subtracting taxes immigrants pay.  That it overtaxes our schools and health care facilities, environment and resources, and culture, and society and polity. 

NeoCon Mass Immigration Management/“Reform” Groups say it is unrealistic that we can get a Moratorium any time soon. Perhaps so.

But that assertion reveals the power of pushing for a moratorium.  Pushing for a moratorium creates continuous relentless pressure to reduce the numbers and the manifold costs of both legal and illegal immigration.

Politically unrealistic they claim?  Hardly.

One merely has to think back to the Congressional Session of 1994-1996 - - over 80 members of the House of Representatives led by the courageous Representative Bob Stump (R-AZ) (R.I.P.) were pushing what was explicitly a “moratorium” bill.  In response, the “liberal” Clinton Administration advocated a reduction to about 600,000 a year from the then nearly million-a-year legal flows.  The pressure generated by that moratorium push achieved very substantial reductions in Federal benefits for illegal aliens in the Welfare Bill of 1996.

Indeed, those provisions in the 1996 Welfare Bill are among the very few positive achievements of the immigration “Reform” and “Management” movement in the last thirty years, unless one counts the 1986 “deal” in which millions of illegals were amnestied in return for employer sanctions (subsequently not enforced).

The lesson:  Push, repeatedly and relentlessly, for a Moratorium in order to achieve incremental reductions in numbers and costs.  The zero-net-immigration moratorium approach would actually allow admission of at least 100,000/yr spouses and minor children of U.S. citizens plus a few truly needed by workers, so it is both reasonable and humane. [Those who argue that there are more than 100,000 spouses and minor children of U.S. Citizens who would like to come  annually, do not account for the fact that there are more than 200 other countries in which families can reunify (as Senator Simpson used to point out) and that allowing ALL such spouses and minor children to come would encourage more marriage fraud and burdens on American taxpayers, than already exist!]

The penalty we pay for not pushing a Moratorium is severe.  If we do not de-legitimize the whole concept of mass immigration by pushing for a zero-net  MORATORIUM, legal immigration will surely continue on the same trend even without any further amnesties, and mass illegal immigration will continue to be aided by the legal flow.

That current trend results in over 90% of the U.S. population growth of nearly 5 million a year being a result of immigrants and their offspring.  Legal immigration has added over 2 million per year of that on average over the past decade.  If continued, this current trend will launch the U.S.A.’s population from its current 330 million to one billion people by 2075 (Population-Environment Balance, October 2006,, even without amnesties or further increases in legal immigration.

Clearly the ONLY strategy that has a chance of stopping this Demographic Juggernaut, or even slowing it down, is for Genuine Immigration Reduction Groups to relentlessly push for a Moratorium.

Of course, Reductionists can and should push other good bills (e.g. for a physical border fence) simultaneously with the moratorium push, provided that the moratorium push is always The Primary Effort.

The final requirement for success (given that the grassroots are presently in a Reductionist frame of mind) is that Genuine Reductionists unify behind a Moratorium push as their first priority.

Major National Mass Immigration Management organizations which refuse to push a Moratorium as their first priority give the Open Borders Crowd an “out.”  These management groups allow the Open Borders advocates to credibly claim that the Reduction Movement is satisfied with only a reduction in a category or two.  The Open Borders Crowd can legitimately claim (and have in the past claimed) “see, such and such reform organization group is pushing for (and thus is willing to accept) a reduction only in category x.”

When one Mass Immigration Management/"Reform" Group pushed such a category approach in the 1994-1996 Congressional Session it was a major factor in scuttling the Clinton Administration’s attempted reduction to 600,000/year.  Indeed, that immigration “Reform” and de facto “Management” group pushed a Bill with an even higher number than the Clinton Administration.  The predictable result - - immigration reduction (except for the Welfare Bill cost reduction) totally failed in 1996.

Today, The Good News is that several major national organizations, and many smaller state and local ones are pushing now for a zero-net-immigration Moratorium.  Indeed, Carrying Capacity Network, Population-Environment Balance, Project USA, NPG and the over 60 organizational signatories to The Alliance to Stabilize America’s Population (ASAP! Coalition) have been pushing one for several years.  Fortunately, this pro-moratorium movement is burgeoning.

But fairness dictates that I disclose that there is an alternative to making a Moratorium Push:

That alternative is “Certain Defeat” in the words of perceptive author Selwyn Duke.

Indeed, it should be clear by now that pushing merely for category reductions leads to “Certain Defeat.”

Unfortunately, a couple of national NeoConservative “reform” (de facto Mass Immigration Management) organizations still refuse to push for a Zero-Net-Immigration Moratorium, opting instead for an incremental approach, when and if,  indeed, they push legal immigration reduction at all. Unfortunately, while certain of these groups SAY they support Legal Immigration Reduction,  or, in the case of one Numbers Management group, even SAY they support a Moratorium,  what they actually DO (or do NOT do) is far different.

            Sincere Reduction Activists can identify these mass immigration “Management” organizations merely by asking them three questions:

  • Do you actually push, as your first priority, a policy  which, if implemented, would result in U.S. Population Stabilization?

  • Do you push a zero-net immigration Moratorium as your Primary Strategy?

  • Are you a member of the ASAP! Coalition?

If the answer to any of these is “no”, genuine reduction activists would do well to reconsider support of such groups because their incremental management strategy clearly facilitates a continuation of mass legal and illegal immigration.

Now that the ONLY Road to Immigration Reduction is clear, there is simply no excuse for any and all genuine Reductionist organizations not joining forces by joining the ASAP! Coalition of the over 60 organizations which actually push a moratorium.

If an organization does not push the only strategy which actually can work in reducing immigration, why should a genuine Reductionist support it at all?

Indeed, the Open Borders opposition has shown how to win by pushing the mirror opposite of a Moratorium for thirty years:  - - pushing for an Amnesty - - the reverse of everything a moratorium would do.  Pushing amnesties de-legitimizes borders, subverts the rule of law, undermines the importance of important historic American national culture and traditions and suggests that Americans should accept whoever gets here illegally.  That strategy has worked for the opposition.

When I and other activists and Members of Congress first heard the cry for an Illegal Alien Amnesty in the late 1970s during the Simpson-Mazzoli bill days, we all thought it was a laugher of a concept.  Who in their right mind would reward someone who came illegally and stayed illegally with an Amnesty, much less support a bill which would legalize them?

But sure enough, the Open Borders Crowd knew what they were doing, they kept pushing and pushing to legitimize, and then achieve, an amnesty because it was the most successful strategy for  subverting the Reductionist movement.  So by 1986 they achieved the first Amnesty (supposedly the first and only) as a trade- off for employer sanctions.

But the 1986 Bill provides yet another example of why Reductionists should never push merely for increments.  In 1986 we got an increment that was nearly worthless while the opposition got what was to be the first of several amnesties.

Today the Open Borders Lobby is pushing again for a Mass Amnesty in Sectors including the so-called DREAM Act (amnesty) and Ag Jobs (amnesty) provisions and only The Deity knows what others will follow.  But follow they surely will!

 Genuine Reductionists should surely have learned by now that the only way to stop the amnesty pushes and achieve reductions in legal and illegal immigration is to push for a


And it should also be crystal clear that those NeoCon “Reform” / “Management” groups which push merely for incremental reductions and refuse to push a zero-Net-Immigration Moratorium, are de facto facilitators of Mass Immigration. [For more about the history of these NeoCon Groups visit]

Indeed, there is One and ONLY ONE Strategy now for Genuine Reductionists.

Push for a Moratorium as a First Priority.

Or suffer Certain Defeat!



--Call and write your Members of Congress:

Tell them you want a zero-net-Immigration MORATORIUM on Legal Immigration, and a physical fence at the Border via the "Fence by Date Certain" Act! That covers "all the bases" and maximizes pressure to defeat bad bills and get reductions.

And keep calling and writing!

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