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August, 2008


Carrying Capacity Network



Regardless of the outcome of the November election, the Threats of an Illegal Alien Amnesty, and implementation of the North American Union [NAU], which would dissolve the USA into a regional administrative entity in combination with Mexico and Canada, will be greater than ever.

Just consider:
--John McCain joined Teddy Kennedy in leading the charge, several times, for an Illegal Alien Amnesty in 2007, and...
--Barack Obama not only voted for various Illegal Alien Amnesty bills, but also claims that he is a "...citizen of the world..." and advocates "...tear(ing) down ...the Wall between...natives and immigrants..."
Fortunately, we have a unique Opportunity to STOP both the Amnesty and the NAU.

--Members of Congress are visiting their Home Districts in the month of August.
So, Fax, Phone, and VISIT! your Members this August.
Tell them in no uncertain terms that:
1) You want NO Illegal Alien Amnesties! 
2) You DO NOT want to give illegal aliens access to US Social Security benefits
3) You want NO North American Union!

So insist that they support H. Con. Res. 40 (Goode--R.Va.)
4) You DO want the "Fence by Date Certain Act" H.R.4987 (Jones, R-NC).

5) You do want them to support a MORATORIUM Bill; because Pushing a MORATORIUM on Legal Immigration is the ONLY ROAD to Immigration Reduction!
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to support our work!
P.S. One architect of the North American Union Scheme, Robert Pastor, says the North American Union is now "dead" Do not believe this for a minute! This is dis-information designed to lower our guard. 
Implementation of the NAU is proceeding under different names and by various means--the genuine Border fence authorized by Congress still has not been built, a Bill in Congress would give illegal aliens access to benefits from the US Social Security trust fund, and the Fed-led policy of destroying the U.S. Dollar and replacing it with the Amero, continues, just to mention three examples.


  • Note: CCN is anti-mass immigration but NOT anti-immigrant.

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