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June, 2012


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Striking another Blow against America's Unemployed and Working Poor, President Obama recently Ordered that the appx. 1.4 million* young Illegal Immigrants residing in the USA no longer be subject to Deportation, and that they be granted Work Permits!

Yet another Illegal Alien Amnesty in a whole series beginning with the 1986 Amnesty!

Not only will the Job Prospects of the over 23 MILLION plus (Real U.S. Unemployment is 22% using 1980s methodology)** unemployed Americans be gravely impaired, but also the Wage Depressing effects of an additional 1.4 million Americans added to the U.S. workforce will be felt by millions of American workers!

And the Magnet Effect of this Executive Order will draw millions more Illegals into the our country,
hoping for yet another Amnesty, via one of the Broader Amnesty Proposals being pushed in Congress.

The Message Obama's Executive Order sends to Aliens is that if you can just get into the United States illegally you may get permanent residence and a job and all the free health care and education benefits to which American citizens are entitled, or more, such as instate Tuition rates!

Outrageous, is it not, that these 1.4 Million Jobseekers are in addition to the 1 Million Aliens annually granted Green Cards (permanent Residence) and the right to work in the US, plus the hundreds of thousands granted other Work Visas (such as H1b) annually!

And this Illegal Alien Amnesty sends another Message too. The claim of the Open Borders lobby that "The Solution to the Illegal Alien Problem is to legalize them all" is being heard and heeded in Washington DC!

Thus it is clear that in order to stop Mass Illegal Immigration, we must push to stop Mass Legal Immigration as well, via a Firm Cap.

Pushing for a zero-Net Immigration Moratorium would Maximize pressure for such a Firm Cap
because it would only allow about 100,000 immigrants a year permanent residency in the U.S.

Failing to push for a Moratorium (e.g. by merely calling for "slower" immigration or merely for a "time-out" as the Mass Immigration Management groups do), actually facilitates continuing Mass Legal and Illegal Immigration because it implies that the Mass Flow is OK, if we just tweak it down a bit!

What to do to help Save our Nation:

-- Contact your Federal and State Representatives and tell them you want them to support Rep. Steve King's (R-Iowa) lawsuit against the Obama Administration for improperly Legislating by Executive Order.

-- Tell them to sponsor a Bill enacting a Zero-Net Immigration Moratorium.

-- Join us in supporting our Genuine Immigration Reduction Organization--Carrying Capacity Network.

Go to Carrying Capacity’s website to support our Genuine Immigration Reduction organization.

Thank you!

Carrying Capacity Network

*Migration Policy Institute Tabulations of Current Population Survey, U.S. Census Bureau 

**See data at shadowstats  regarding real Unemployment-- 22%-- calculated as it was in the 1980s  before the politicization of the numbers began.





  • Note: CCN is anti-mass immigration but NOT anti-immigrant.

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