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April, 2012


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Unemployment Antidote — Immigration Moratorium!

Consider a serious inconsistency: the number of new jobs created in the last few years compared to the increase in U.S. population over the same period.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics [BLS] reports that the economy created 3.6 million new jobs since late 2009 but the working age population grew by 5.7 million. Nevertheless, the unemployment rate ostensibly fell to 8.3% from 10% in 2009.

The population and working-age population increases were far greater than the increase in new jobs, so how come, PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS! the unemployment rate (ostensibly) went down?

The explanation is part of a long comedy about the government's creative massaging of statistics in our brave new world.

According to the April, 2012 DHS report recently released, 1,062,040 immigrants were admitted to Permanent legal residency in the USA via Green Cards in 2011, and thus were authorized to work in the USA. (That's One Million sixty-two thousand & forty legal immigrants!).

Add to that the number of [temporary]work-authorized persons legally added to the U.S. population each year {e.g., through H1B visas} and the number approaches 2 Million/yr. (That number that does not include the hundreds of thousands of working Illegal aliens, many border-crossers, but also many who overstay temporary visas!) Clearly, Mass Immigration has caused the USA to exceed its Employment Carrying Capacity.

No Wonder that only 42% of the 243 Million working age Americans have a full-time job. The actual number has changed little since 2000, but the percentage of the potential labor force that has full-time work is much lower.

Returning to the US Parlor of Statistics Massage [ahem, the BLS,] the Real Unemployment rate in the USA today is 22%, if it is calculated as it was in the 1980s before the Official Numbers became heavily politicized (see Shadowstats).

But the Employment & Economic situation in the USA is NOT Improving as a result of recent and current government policies:

Consider that since the Obama Stimulus Bill passed, the National Debt is up 41%, (up by appx. $4.5 Trillion) but Incomes are down 7%, and the long-Term Jobless Rate is Up 83% (Investors Business Daily, 2/21/12). Clearly, what Unemployed Americans need most is a Moratorium on Mass Immigration. All new jobs should be available for Americans!

Contact your Representatives and request that they Sponsor a zero-net Immigration Moratorium today!

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We and the Millions of Unemployed Americans will thank you!

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  • Note: CCN is anti-mass immigration but NOT anti-immigrant.

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