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July, 2013


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Former Congressman Tom Tancredo puts his finger on the danger coming in to the House of Representatives. They will pass some rather decent immigration law. It will go to Conference Committee to be reconciled with the horrendous Senate-passed S. 744. Conference Committee will "compromise" on something that enacts the worst provisions of S. 744.

Don't let that happen. Ask your Congressman/woman to vote NO on Any and Every Immigration Bill that comes up! Sad to say, this is not the year for enacting reasonable immigration law, nor, for now, to continue to push for a Moratorium.

The way to keep any Bill from ever coming to the floor is for Republicans to oppose every Bill, and then hold House Speaker Boehner to his word to not bring a Bill that is not supported by a Republican majority.

Former Congressman Tancredo lays out this Horrendous Scenario. His advice to his former colleagues: Don't bring up a bill at all!

"Where is this national push? Are people rioting in the streets for immigration reform? It's so odd in a way that it has achieved this level of attention and involvement," Tancredo said in an interview Wednesday. "I would be hesitant to bring up any bill simply because of what would happen in a conference committee."

"A bill comes from the Senate. It's lousy. The Republicans go, 'Oh, this is terrible, so we'll write our own bill.' And it'll be a much better bill. It goes to conference and [Boehner] appoints squishy Republicans to the conference committee. The bill comes back looking just like the Senate bill, or something pretty close. A whole bunch of Republicans can drop off at that point, going, 'Oh, this is terrible.' But they'll have enough squishes to join with Dems to pass it," Tancredo said.

And Tancredo isn't buying the often-made argument that passing immigration reform would be good politics for the GOP. Just look, he says, at the messenger.

"The purpose is political, of course, everybody knows that. It is to increase the number of Democrats that will be available to that party to turn into voters. The idea that this is somehow going to help Republicans is crazy," he said. "I'd love to be at this table, right, when you have [Sen. Chuck] Schumer and [Sen. Bob] Menendez saying, 'You know what you guys, we've got this great bill, and it's going to help you win a presidential election.' "

"Who believes this s...? Who in the world falls for this? So the question is, why are you doing this? You can't be that stupid. I don't believe [Sen. Marco] Rubio is naive. So if you're not naive, what is it? Duplicitous? For what purpose? Maybe you feel you have a niche that you're going to try to get in for a presidential campaign," he added. "The idea that they're doing anything that would benefit Republicans in the long run is ludicrous. Hispanics vote for Democrats for exactly the same reason that other people vote for Democrats: They want ObamaPhones! They want big government! It's got nothing to do with immigration!"

“Conservative Warning on Immigration”
Reid Wilson, National Journal, June 27, 2013.

Most House Members are in their Home Districts this week. Visit or Call the Congress (phone calls or office visits followed by letters are the most effective -- fax machines can be turned off and emails disregarded) and tell them to Vote NO on any and all Immigration Bills, Good or Bad!! In other words, vote against bringing up any bill at all!

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The only way we can stop this Disastrous Amnesty Bill is to generate Massive Grassroots Opposition. Help us.

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