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Carrying Capacity Network Action Alert

September, 2007

The Illegal Alien "Student" Amnesty, the so-called DREAM Act (formerly S. 774) has been introduced as an Amendment to the Defence Authorization Bill!!(H.R. 1585)

This DREAM Act Mass Alien Amnesty would:

1) Amnesty ALL Illegal Aliens who MERELY CLAIM that they entered the USA before
the age 16
and meet skimpy education requirements!

--There is no limit on the number of Aliens who could be amnestied under this
Provision (and those amnestied could bring their Parents and Children Too)!!

2) Provide In-State Tuition to these amnestied Illegal Aliens while denying it
to non-state-resident
American Citizens!

Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) is leading the
push for this perfidious Mass Alien Amnesty in
the guise of 'helping children'.

URGENT: This DREAM Act Amendment
could be debated and voted on this week!


Call and FAX Durbin and the other Senators and tell them to vote:

--NO on the DREAM Act Alien Amnesty (Amendment 2237)
--NO on the Ag Jobs and any other Alien Amnesties.
--NO on any increases in H-1B and H-2B visas, which would take jobs from
Americans. (The Open Borders Senators are trying to sneak these Visa
through too!)

Tell the Senators to Vote YES on a zero-net-Immigration MORATORIUM on
legal immigration, in order to counter the Open Borders' lobby's argument that:

'The Solution to the Illegal Alien Problem is to Legalize them All', and to
call the
whole Enterprise of Mass Immigration into question.

PUSHING for a Moratorium is essential to maximize downward pressure on
numbers and to make it clear that Mass Immigration must end!

Note: CCN is anti-mass immigration but NOT anti-immigrant.