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CCN's 5 Point Program

National Revitalization

Population Stabilization

Immigration Reduction

Economic Sustainability

Resource Conservation

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A common fallacy is to equate existing and seemingly open or "unused" spaces with the kind of resources and ecologically productive land needed to support human life under modern conditions. In fact, the criterion for determining whether a region is overpopulated is not land area, but carrying capacity.

Carrying capacity refers to the number of individuals who can be supported in a given area within natural resource limits, and without degrading the natural social, cultural and economic environment for present and future generations. The carrying capacity for any given area is not fixed. It can be altered by improved technology, but mostly it is changed for the worse by pressures which accompany a population increase. As the environment is degraded, carrying capacity actually shrinks, leaving the environment no longer able to support even the number of people who could formerly have lived in the area on a sustainable basis. No population can live beyond the environment's carrying capacity for very long.

The average American's "ecological footprint" (the demands an individual endowed with average amounts of resources, ie, land, water, food, fiber, waste assimilation and disposal, etc. puts on the environment) is about 12 acres, an area far greater than that taken up by one's residence and place of school or work and other places where he or she is.

We must think in terms of "carrying capacity" not land area. The effects of unfettered population growth drastically reduce the carrying capacity in the United States.


Real Solutions for America's Problems

Welcome to the CCN Home Page! CCN is a national non-profit advocacy group working to secure the sustainable future of the United States. Here you'll find articles by some of the best contemporary thinkers in the fields of population stabilization, national revitalization, economic sustainabilty and resource conservation. Use our site to lobby your leaders in Congress, or join a live conversation in our chat room. Get the facts about the detrimental effects of mass-immigration, and why we need an immigration moratorium now more than ever. And don't forget to sign on to our National Alert subscription email service, an indispensable resource for Americans who care enough to act.


This was Yesterday: Sweden is safe with a very low crime rate. It becomes the most Immigrant-welcoming Country in the European Union.

Now, Today: With hundreds of thousands of mostly Muslim immigrants, Sweden increasingly suffers from an intensifying Crime Wave including Riots and Mass Rapes.

Just a few days ago Stockholm suffered another Round of Rioting with cars burned and Rocks thrown. (zerohedge.com 2/20/17) Such Immigrant riots and other crimes started in 2010, just as Mass Immigration into Europe was beginning...[Read More]

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The Fate of Immigration Legislation will likely be determined in the next very few months or weeks, since the Trump Administration intends to move hard and fast to stop Illegal Immigration.

But it is also crucially important to get Congress to dramatically reduce Legal Immigration as well and CCN says how to do it in this Alert! Once Congress has acted this year there will be Great Reluctance to address the issue for years to come, despite the continuing negative impact on American taxpayers/workers...[Read More]


—Yes, the USA, as we have known it, is vanishing and that is not solely the result of Mass Immigration. But with the election of President Trump we have a chance to save it, possibly our LAST OPPORTUNITY.

How? [Read More]


Question and inform the candidates for all Federal, State and Local Offices with the power to affect Immigration Policy, directly or indirectly:

  • To Protect Americans and American prosperity, CCN supports building a Border Wall, outlawing and/or defunding all Sanctuary Cities, and deporting all Criminal Aliens [in order to stop Illegal entry and protect Americans from Crime]. Do You?

  • To Protect American Jobs and Wage Levels CCN supports making E-Verify mandatory. Do You? [Read More]


Preserving the USA’s cultural carrying capacity has been a central concern of Carrying Capacity Network since its founding some twenty-five years ago. It is the First Principle of CCN’s 5-point program.

Practices which weaken or destroy fundamental cultural values impair the sustainability of a nation—as the eminent Garrett Hardin asserted in his classic 1986 essay ‘Cultural Carrying Capacity’—just as overuse of not-easily replaceable resources is a violation of long-term ecological carrying capacity.

Among cultural values essential to the sustainability of the United States are, for example, Freedom of Speech, Rule of Law, and Respect for a shared Heritage and English Language—all basic to social cohesion, national unity and national preservation. [Read More]


The Headlines come fast and furious these days 550,000 Illegal Aliens now enter the USA each year (U.S. Census) … add that to some 1.5 million Legal Immigrants/yr. That’s 2 Million/year NOT counting the offspring of these Immigrants — who would not otherwise have been Americans. [Read More]


At University campuses across the USA, constitutionally protected Free Speech is being suppressed. From punishment meted out to those who chalked “Trump” on sidewalks to threats against journalists at the U. of Missouri and elsewhere.

Political Correctness increasingly reigns and is being “enforced” by the Culturally Marxist Compliant.

And now Harvard Professor Tushnet is leading the charge to penalize those expressing their religious freedom. [Read More]

CCN is a group of activists working to promote and conserve what's right with America and to eliminate what's wrong with America. Most of America's main problems - from traffic, to classroom crowding, to pollution, depletion, welfare dependency, increasing taxes, and cultural fragmentation, have deep roots in our unsustainable population growth. Because of that, CCN focuses on stabilizing our population. We are even willing to face the awkward demographic fact that immigration is the cause of most of our recent growth (at current rates, immigration will cause about 90% of our growth as we double in the next 60 years or so).

CCN simply wants to conserve the best of America - before it's developed, overrun, consumed, and polluted by runaway population growth. It's not too late, and we hope that you will join us in this effort.

Note: CCN is anti-mass immigration but NOT anti-immigrant. At NETWORK , we understand that immigration is a sensitive issue. While we hope to encourage debate on this topic and challenge the status quo, it is important to note that our battle is being waged for the future of the United States of America-- for preservation of quality of life, respect for law, national security and a sustainable population size and level of resource use.

These goals do not threaten immigrants. Rather, established immigrants are quick to see that continuing, explosive growth in population size will recreate conditions in the United States that are similar to conditions in their countries of origin and from which they fled. No prejudice nor lack of compassion guides us. Rather, we desire a sustainable future for all. We push for the enactment of sensible policies and we demand enforcement of existing US law.

At NETWORK we work as much for the well being of our immigrant Americans as that of native-born citizens. We were the founding sponsor of the Diversity Coalition for an Immigration Moratorium in order to help achieve a sensible immigration policy. We encourage everyone who cares about the future of America to join us.

The CCN Editorial Policy:

While Carrying Capacity Network endeavors to make sure that all materials contained in our publications are accurate, CCN is not responsible for the reliability of information submitted for publication. CCN does not sanction or endorse any views, policies, or activities of groups or individuals, including members of CCN, except as may be explicitly indicated. CCN will assume that when information is submitted, permission is thereby granted to edit and provide context before dissemination. Due to the volume of submissions, CCN cannot guarantee that any particular item will be included or that it will be included in its entirety. CCN will, however, always endeavor to properly credit sources.

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