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Italian Disaster is USA’s Future Unless CCN’s Solution Adopted

For over twenty years, CCN's Donors-Activists have opposed Mass Immigration, Globalism and Marxism and advocated for protecting Lifeboat USA, with a Zero-NET all-categories included Moratorium on Legal Immigration as our Flagship Initiative.

The Disaster of Modern Italy is an Object Lesson on the Consequences of succumbing to Mass Immigration, Globalism and Marxism, and yes, the Lethal CoronaVirus Pandemic is just one direct consequence.

And the USA is NOW under Great Threat from the Globalists, Marxists and Open Borders Crowd.

But that Italian Disaster can be avoided for the USA if, and only if, CCN’s Solution is adopted.

So First, Consider Today’s Italian Horror as described by the Noted Italian Author, Giacomino Nicolazzo.

A message from Italy from author Giacomino Nicolazzo
A Recipe For Disaster...
How the Corona Virus became so bad in Italy [excerpts]

As I sit here in my involuntary isolation, it was just reported that overnight 212 more people died and 2,795 new cases have been reported. This brings the total cases of infection to 21,157 and the body count to 1,441. We take relief in knowing that 1,966 people have recovered so far.

Most towns here in Italy, from the upper reaches of the Alps to the ancient shores of Sicilia and Sardegna, while not deserted, are closer to being ghost towns than the bustling centers of tourism, business and daily life they were just a week ago. …

…So who is to blame? There must be someone! Someone must be held accountable for this debacle. Heads must roll for what is turning out to be a disaster of epic proportion. …

…With all this craziness swirling like a whirlpool at our feet, I just had to find the blame answer. And so I have spent my free time (of which I have a lot in these days) digging and researching. I was literally shocked to discover how this has come to be.

I am not going to bore you with talk of Patient ‘0’ who spread it to Patient ‘1’ and how mathematics efficiently explains the rapid expansion of infection. No...I am going to tell you how (as I see it) the virus came to Italy. And I will admit now, I was wrong several days ago when I said this may have something to do with terrorism or other nefarious and ulterior motives. has nothing to with that...but it has everything to do with communists. Allow me to explain. …

… Italian politics brings new meaning to the terms incompetence and corruption! Beginning in about 2014, Matteo Renzi, the imbecile ex-mayor of Firenze acting as the leader of the Partito Democratico (synonymous with the Italian Communist party), somehow managed to get himself elected as Italy’s Prime Minister.

To give you a proper frame of reference, Matteo Renzi was so far left, he would make Barack Obama look like Barry Goldwater!

At the same time that Renzi was leading Italy into oblivion, strange things were happening in Italy’s economy. Banks were failing...but not closing. Retirement ages were being extended...for some reason the pension funds were dwindling or disappearing. The national sales tax we call IVA (Value Added Tax) rose from 18% to 20%, then to 21% and again to 22%. In the midst of all this financial chicanery, the Chinese began furiously buying up Italian real estate and businesses in the North.

Now the reason I mention Renzi and the Chinese together is that strange things were also going on between the governments of Italy and China. A blind eye was being turned to the way the Chinese were buying businesses in the financial, telecommunication, industrial and fashion sectors of Italy’s economy, all of which take place in Milano.

To be brief...China was getting away with purchases and acquisitions in violation of Italian law and EU Trade Agreements with the US and the UK...and no one in either of those countries (not Obama in the US or Cameron in the UK) said a thing in their country’s defense. As a matter of fact, much of it was hidden from the public in all three countries.

In 2014, China infused the Italian economy with €5 billion through purchases of companies costing less than €100 million each. By the time Renzi left office (in disgrace) in 2016, Chinese acquisitions had exceeded €52 billion. When the dust settled, China owned more than 300 companies...representing 27% of the major Italian corporations.

The Bank of China now owns five major banks in Italy...all of which had been secretly (and illegally) propped up by Renzi using pilfered pension funds! Soon after, the China Milano Equity Exchange was opened and much of Italy’s wealth was being funneled back to the Chinese mainland.

Chinese state entities own Italy’s major telecommunication corporation (Telecom) as well as its major utilities (ENI and ENEL). Upon entry into the telecommunication market, Huawei established a facility in Segrate, a suburb of Milano. It launched is first research center there and worked on the study of microwaves which has resulted in the possibly-dangerous / health-threatening technology we call 5G.

China also now owns controlling interest in Fiat-Chrysler, Prysmian and Terna. You will be surprised to know that when you put a set of Pirelli tires on your car, the profits are going to China. Yep...the Chinese colossus of ChemChina, a chemical industry titan, bought that company too! Last but not least is Ferretti yachts...the most prestigious yacht builder in Europe. Incredibly, it is no longer owned by the Ferretti family.

But the sector in which Chinese companies invested most was Italy’s profitable fashion industry. The Pinco Pallino, Miss Sixty, Sergio Tacchini, Roberta di Camerino and Mariella Burani brands have been acquired by 100%. Designer Salvatore Ferragamo sold 16% and Caruso sold 35%....

…Throughout all of these purchases and acquisitions I just detailed, Renzi’s government afforded the Chinese unrestricted and unfettered access to Italy and its financial markets, many coming through without customs inspections.

Quite literally, tens of thousands of Chinese came in through Milano (illegally) and went back out carrying money, technology and corporate secrets. Thousands more were allowed to enter and disappeared into shadows of Milano and other manufacturing cities of Lombardia, only to surface in illegal sewing shops, producing knock-off designer clothes and slapping ‘Made In Italy’ labels on them. All with the tacit approval of the Renzi government.

It was not until there was a change in the governing party in Italy that the sweatshops and the illegal entry and departure of Chinese nationals was stopped. Matteo Salvini, representing the Lega Nord party, closed Italy’s ports to immigrants and systematically began disassembling the sweatshops and deporting those in Italy illegally.

But his rise to power was short-lived. Italy is a communist country...socialism is in the national DNA. Ways were found to remove Salvini and the communist party, under the direction of Giuseppe Conte, reopened the ports. Immediately, thousands of unvetted, undocumented refugees from the Middle East and East Africa began pouring in again. Access was again provided to the Chinese, under the old terms, and as a consequence thousands of Chinese, the majority from Wuhan, began arriving in Milano.

In December of last year, the first inklings of a coronavirus were noticed in the Chinese neighborhoods. There is no doubt amongst senior medical officials that the virus was brought here from China. By the end of January 2020 cases were being reported left and right. By mid-February the virus was beginning to seriously overload the Lombardia hospitals and medical clinics. As of my writing, they are on the verge of collapse.

The Far-Left politicians sold out and betrayed the Italian people with open border policies and social justice programs. One of the reasons the health care system collapsed so quickly is because the Renzi government (and now continued under the Conte government) redirected funds meant to sustain the medical system, to pay for the tens of thousands of immigrants brought in to Italy against the will of the Italian people. …

…The Far-Left politicians sold out and betrayed the Italian people with open border policies and social justice programs. One of the reasons the health care system collapsed so quickly is because the Renzi government (and now continued under the Conte government) redirected funds meant to sustain the medical system, to pay for the tens of thousands of immigrants brought in to Italy against the will of the Italian people.

If you remember the horrible earthquake that decimated the villages around Amatricia, in the mountains east of Rome in 2015, you would also remember how the world responded by sending MILLIONS of dollars to help those affected. …

…Most of the money never reached a single victim in the mountains. The Renzi government redirected the vast majority of those funds to pay for the growing immigrant and refugee costs.
As the economy worsened under the burden of illegal immigration, compounded by gross government spending and incompetence, unemployment rose quickly...especially among young people. The unemployment rate for men and women under age 35 is close to 40%.

So more money was diverted from the health care system and used to pay what is known here as guaranteed income. Whether you work or not you are paid here, especially if you belong to the PD! The government simply raises taxes on those who do work. …

…The point I am trying to make here is that not only did the Chinese bring the virus to Italy (and the rest of the world) it was far-Left politics and policies that facilitated it. This should hopefully be a warning to Americans that while they work to rid themselves of the COVID-19 virus, they should just as vehemently endeavor to rid their government of any politician that circumvents the Constitution and ignores the laws of the land...plain and simple. …

…As I am now finishing this ridiculously long rant, the numbers have changed. In the last three hours the numbers are...

24,747 total cases
1,809 deaths
2,335 recoveries

From publisher; Above is opinion and observation, I went to Google and found many articles going back decades speaking to "Made In Italy" label manufacturing malfeasance, below is one like of many. Another cogent point is there are so many Chinese nationals in Italy that there are direct flight from Wuhan to some of the major cities.

See Made In Italy Forbes Magazine

“A Recipe For Disaster...How the Corona Virus became so bad in Italy,” Giacomino Nicolazzo,, March 23, 2020

The Consequences of Economic and Leftist/Marxist Globalism should be made Clearer. China Manufactures over 80% of U.S. Pharmaceuticals (Penicillin Anyone?!) Yet U..S. companies have established a variety of businesses in or Reliant on China because of the “Cheap Labor.” Cheap Labor?! Is the CoronaVirus Impact on the USA inexpensive??!! Is Mass Immigration inexpensive? NOT!

We must establish a Strong Self-Sufficient Lifeboat USA, i.e., an American Solution. No more Globalism or Regional Globalist0controlled Entities like the European Union or North American Union or TransPacific Partnership.
Carefully consider the points our ASAP Coalition Ally makes about Globalism, Overpopulation and Disease:

 “CoronaVirus, SARS, Influenza – What Pandemics Tell Us Abut U.S. & Global Over-Population – BALANCE’s Solution,”, February 14, 2020

But No, The Great Threat is that when we just get over the “Hump” of CoVID-19 Spread in the USA, we expect the Open Borders lobby to redouble efforts to pass all the Open Borders Bills which CCN took the lead on stopping in November and December 2019 (see CCN’s Alerts).

The foregoing illustrates why it is even more important for we reductionists to push an all-categories-included Zero-NET Moratorium on Legal Immigration NOW.

Pushing for increments (e.g., full implementation of e-Verify but only that) while well-intended is utterly futile, because, alone it fails to delegitimize and counter the whole enterprise of Mass Legal and Illegal Immigration. Only pushing for a Zero-NET Moratorium does that!

In sum, only CCN and its ASAP! Coalition Allies have The Strategy for Success.
Important to remember that CCN is a Genuine Mass Immigration REDUCTION Group, so Donations to CCN have far more impact dollar for dollar than Donations to Mass Immigration MANAGEMENT Groups who refuse to support a Zero-Net Moratorium on Legal.

Therefore, CCN invites once again all genuine REDUCTIONIST organizations to Join our Diversity Coalition for an Immigration  MORATORIUM . . . a Coalition supported by many Immigrants from all Ethnic Groups.


The two largest Management Groups have de facto undermined our efforts to reduce legal and illegal immigration.

One says its goal is to stop Illegal Immigration, but it refuses to acknowledge the Magnet effect the uncapped and other Categories in Legal Immigration have on drawing in illegal immigrants.

The other group says it is for “lower immigration levels” but that too is entirely Counterproductive because it sends the Message that Mass Immigration is OK but just at lower levels. And thus it claimed a Victory in keeping Open Borders Provisions our of the Stimulus Bill, while that Bill actually authorizes $350Million for “Migration & Refugee Assistance”!!

As we have been saying for over ten years, the Only Position which generates enough Political Power to get reductions in Legal and Illegal immigration is to advocate a Zero-Net Moratorium. Consider:

​1. Stopping Illegal Immigration requires greatly Reducing Legal Immigration

Indeed, the large numbers of “Slots” Available to Legal Immigrants (e.g., the de facto Unlimited Asylee Category) creates a Magnet effect for Illegal Aliens.
Indeed, the Uncapped Asylee category encourages Trafficking of Children, because it allows any adult bringing a child into the U.S. to become a de facto permanent resident.

2.  Regarding Costs, consider this summary of CCN’s NET COSTS Study:
U.S. Taxpayers Costs from legal immigration alone - $330 BILLION PER YEAR NET (i.e., after subtracting Taxes Immigrants pay) , i.e.:

i. $3.3 TRILLION NET prospectively for the next Decade if Legal immigration is not reduced.
ii. Does NOT include COSTS borne by States and Localities.
iii. $758 MILLION per Year for Each Congressional District. That is, the NET costs of legal immigration average $1000 per U.S. Taxpayer per year!
iv. 62% of legal immigrants get one or more “free” (i.e., U.S. Taxpayer-funded) Health Care, Health Insurance, Food Stamps, Section 8 Housing & Welfare. 


ii. Confirmed by two other studies, e.g., by Professor of Computer Science, U.C. Davis, Norm Matloff Blog, “Vast Majority of H1B and related visa hires are Cheap Labor Hires”
iii. And by Economist Ed Rubenstein writing for
There is no shortage of American Workers! See recent Immigrant Employment Data from in CCN’s previous Alerts.
The number of immigrants admitted annually consistent with Zero-Net Immigration would be approximately 150,000 (the approximate number who emigrate every year), in contrast to the current number of approximately 1.6 million annually.

The Solution: CCN has, for years, supported is an all-categories-included Zero-Net MORATORIUM on LEGAL ImmigrationContact your Senators and other Representatives today to oppose these Bills and Support an all-categories-included Moratorium.  

The Threat is Intensifying as we approach Corona Peak.

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