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December, 2016


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Gang of Eight Strikes Again!

Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) are Already Working on a Bill that would Amnesty Millions of Illegal Alien Dreamers and potentially millions of other Illegal Aliens!!

By announcing the Bill could be completed “Next Week…”, Durbin raised the Specter of a Last-Minute Passage with the Help of Open Borders House Speaker, Paul Ryan (R-WI) and signed into law before Obama leaves office!!

CONTACT YOUR SENATORS & REPRESENTATIVES NOW and tell them to Oppose this bill



—Yes, the USA, as we have known it, is vanishing and that is not solely the result of Mass Immigration. But with the election of President Trump we have a chance to save it, possibly our LAST OPPORTUNITY.


First we, and through us, our Representatives,  must understand The FORCES working to destroy the USA, and then also The Most Effective, and likely The Only, Strategy to Save the USA.

Perhaps the most powerful FORCE is Cultural Marxism. CCN is a National Leader in exposing CM’s many Manifestations, and in combating all its Nefarious Forms - Political Correctness, Globalism (as opposed to Nationalism and Internationalism), destructive Multiculturalism, Identity Politics, Mass Immigration, and the attacks on Christianity, Western Civilization and also the value of Citizenship—especially via pushing non-Citizen voting and Sanctuary Cities.

Perhaps the most insidious aspect of Cultural Marxism is that it derives its power psychologically, through indoctrination (or to use a slang term, brainwashing).  Schools, pulpits, films and the media are important channels for spreading its messages. Some who are controlled by it are not even aware that they are being Culturally Marxist Compliant (see CCN’s “Combating Cultural Marxism—The Accelerating Threat to the USA”, September 2016 Alert at for a full exposé).

Consider one recent Culturally Marxist inspired Power Play as reported by the Investment website

“Student protesters at the University of California-Berkeley gathered in front of a bridge on campus and forcibly prevented white people from crossing it. Students of color were allowed to pass.

“The massive human wall was conceived as a demonstration in support of ‘safe spaces’ on campus. Activists wanted the university administration to designate additional safe spaces for transsexual students, gay students, and students of color. They were apparently incensed that one of their official safe spaces had been moved from the fifth floor of a building to the basement.

“According to video footage of the protest, demonstrators blocked off the bridge completely. Many students who needed to get to class had no choice but to cross the stream by jumping from rock to rock. Dozens of people can be seen doing so.

“In the video, the activists appeared to let several students of color pass unmolested, but white students were forced to find other routes. A few who tried to force their way through were violently rebuffed. Protesters shouted “Go around! Go around!” at a white man on a bicycle.

“Another student was told, ‘This is bigger than you,’ by a protester. ‘This is about whiteness.’”

Indeed, this is a Culturally Marxist inspired attack on Free Speech via the demand for “Safe Spaces” and a Power Play via racist Identity Politics, i.e., Demonizing White Students because of alleged “White Privilege” to achieve more power and resources for other groups (aka, in slang terms, playing the Victim Card).

The absurd lengths of Cultural Marxist Compliant Academics to infantilize students has resulted in the beginnings of opposition to Cultural Marxism. Consider the “Suck It Up, Buttercup” bill introduced by an Iowa Legislator earlier this year.

Any speech the Marxists do not like they characterize as “Hate speech.” Couple that claim with the imposition of the “Politically Correct” test via Social Pressure and their controlled Media, and you begin to understand the source of Cultural Marxism’s power (see also The Vanishing American Dream, Abernethy, V., Transaction Publishers, 2016, available at Amazon).

Another Culturally Marxist inspired Threat to the USA is the attack on Citizenship and the Integrity of Elections. Over three million Illegal Aliens voted in the recent election ( and this was facilitated by mail-in ballots and the Millions of Illegal Aliens who have obtained Drivers Licenses and used them as IDs for voting. 

And yet another Cultural Marxist tactic is the “Deconstruction” phenomenon in Academia.
Yet another project of the Cultural Marxists is Mass Immigration which, because the Multiculturalism it brings destroys the Social Cohesion of the USA and other Western Nations, helps achieve the Marxists’ goals.

But in fact Mass Immigration seriously injures the USA and Americans in a variety of ways, most obviously, with its tremendous net Costs, and also through Wage Depression and Job Loss. Consider:

—Most Legal and Illegal Immigrants have low education levels. The New Americans, a 1990s National Research Council analysis, estimated that the average newcomer from Central America has less than an eight grade education. And if 10 Million Illegals are given Amnesty, the NET cost to U.S. Taxpayers would be $1.29 TRILLION, or $15,000 for each and every Household in the USA!  (R.Rector — National Academy of Sciences, November 2016).

—Ten million illegal aliens is a misleading number, promulgated by pro-Amnesty advocates. The real number of illegal aliens who might take advantage of Amnesty is much higher, because by 2005 over 20 million illegal aliens were estimated already to be in the United States (Abernethy, 2016).

—The study also found no evidence that low-skill workers are a net economic benefit.  Indeed, the “free” (i.e., Taxpayer-funded) Medical Care and Education and other benefits many receive is extremely expensive. The well-intentioned Social Safety Net which the USA seeks to provide via “Free” Benefits (i.e., taxpayer-funded) is incompatible with the present de facto policy of Mass Immigration. Even Libertarians—such as Doug Casey and Milton Friedman’s wife, Rose, who on principle support open borders—reject mass immigration and refugee flows into countries that provide free public services. 

—Further, continuing Illegal Immigration is downright Dangerous—Over 90,000 Criminal Illegal Aliens were released into U.S. Communities in 2015 alone! (DHS data) and can safely stay in “Sanctuary Cities.” Kate Steinle’s, and many other families, have suffered Murder, Robbery and Rape crimes committed by Criminal Aliens.

Fortunately, CCN offers the Most, and likely the Only, Effective Strategy exposing and combating the Cultural Marxists and the various social policies like Mass Immigration that they push.

And the election of Donald Trump as President provides the opportunity to succeed in reversing the most destructive trends if we all intensify our efforts.

As a Japanese Admiral remarked after the attack on Pearl Harbor, “All we have done is awaken a slumbering giant.” Just so, Donald Trump’s electoral victory revealed the American people beginning to shake off a 40-year attack from Cultural Marxism.

Join CCN and its Activist ASAP Coalition! Allies in simultaneously pushing a Moratorium and the other Victory Initiative positions because they provide maximum ongoing Political Pressure to get our borders protected and Mass Immigration reduced NOW!  And please help us with a Tax-Deductible Donation NOW so we can intensify our efforts.

Advocating a Moratorium is Essential for delegitimizing the whole justification for Mass Immigration!

Merely pushing for “Immigration Reform” as certain of the Mass Immigration Management Groups do or, Worse, pushing for “Controlled Immigration for the National Interest” are both Counterproductive. They send the message that Mass Immigration is OK if we just reduce it a little bit. A continuation of Mass Immigration is clearly NOT OK! Look at Europe!
And pushing for “Controlled Immigration for the National Interest” or the outdated Jordan Commission recommendation that Legal Immigration be reduced by half are even WORSE because they also send the Message that Mass Immigration IS in the National Interest! One and a Half Million Legal Immigrants is still 750,000 annually! Ann Coulter is correct—anything less than a Moratorium will consign the America we have known to Oblivion.
Is it not, therefore, True that any Organization which refuses to Push a Moratorium as a First Priority, is NOT really Serious about stopping the Mass Immigration Tsunami?  Let us say it plainly, refusing to push for a Moratorium amounts to giving permission for a continuing Immigration Tsunami!
Are certain of these Organizations being Culturally Marxist Compliant? See the September, 2016 posting on our website. “Cultural Marxism: An Accelerating Threat to the USA?”

Pushing a Moratorium maximizes our clout to ensure our borders are protected and maximizes the chances of achieving reductions in legal and illegal immigration.

 So PLEASE ACT NOW, and please also donate to CCN NOW, so we can intensify our initiatives by mobilizing thousands of our activists to push our Victory Initiative!

CCN’s Strategy is The One which Maximizes both our ‘Clout for the Buck’ and the probability of Success!
Donations are tax-deductible!

Americans’ Democracy, Jobs, Wages, Budgets, Health and our PERSONAL and National Security and Sovereignty as well as our CULTURE and FREEDOMS are increasingly Threatened!
We thank you for your past and continuing support.

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