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Mass Alien Amnesty Threat Intensifying! Help Stop It NOW!


37,000,000 -- Thirty-seven MILLION! Aliens would be given Green (i.e. permanent resident) Cards via the House passed Budget Reconciliation Bill NOW being considered by the Senate!!


This would include "Never-ending Green Cards for Criminals"!!!! and a probable cost of "One Trillion $ for Social Security and Medicare" alone This Catastrophe of a Bill includes Amnesty/legalization for a whole variety of categories including:




"Priority" workers,


Skilled and Unskilled Workers,


"Refugees" Asylees,


and relatives of all the foregoing,


most of whom would be potentially eligible for taxpayer-funded welfare, health care, food stamps,($758 Million/year Net per Congressional District --CCN study) and would take American workers jobs. (Rubenstein via


Worse, the following categories would be admitted!!!!


--Aliens with communicable diseases, unvaccinated, drug abusers


--Immigration Fraudsters,


--Those previously removed, student Visa abusers


--Public charges, and those likely to become so


--Aliens present after previous immigration violations and Eight Million would receive "Parole" Amnesty, a Deception aimed at circumventing the Budget Reconciliation Bill Prohibition against including non-Budgetary Items in Reconciliation Bills (which require only fifty Senators voting for passage) and In


A de facto waiving of all numerical limits on Legal Immigration!


and The largest Illegal Alien Amnesty in U.S. History!


URGENT:Contact your U.S. Senators repeatedly and urge them to oppose any Reconciliation Bill which contains ANY Amnesty Bill provisions.  MULTIPLY your Impact by making a Tax-Deductible Donation to Carrying Capacity Network (visit


CCN can thereby Intensify its Mobilization of its Activists all over the USA to oppose this bill And Most Important to Note:


ONLY pushing CCN's all-categories-included zero Net MORATORIUM MAXIMIZES the chances of stopping this Horrendous Bill. Pushing any less restrictive number, as the Mass Immigration Management Groups do , will likely result in a Compromise Bill reducing the numbers by just a few Million at most..... a totally unacceptable result.


Donations are Tax-Deductible. Help CCN intensify our efforts.  Please DONATE Today by Credit Card at Carrying Capacity Network, Inc. or by Check via U.S. mail to:


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