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Mass Alien Amnesty Threat Intensifies via SIX! Merged Bills

Two additional massive Illegal Alien Amnesty bills have been filed very recently

The Democrat filed Citizenship for Essential Workers Act in the US Senate, also filed as HB 3043 and

the Bipartisan supported Dignity Act Amnesty filed as HR 3599

Now there are FIVE ALIEN AMNESTY Bills which the Open Borders Crowd is seeking to Merge, (i.e.create a compromise Bill which contains some provisions from each of the SIX Bills summarized below including from One Good Bill) But it is the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill (CIR # 3 below)) which most reflects their Ultimate Goals.:

Passage of these Alien Amnesty Bills would increase costs to taxpayers, increase drug running and child trafficking , increase homelessness, and increase threats to personal safety and public health.

1) HB 3043 The Citizenship for Essential Workers Act  identifies over TWENTY Categories of workers for which there are allegedly insufficient numbers of American Citizen workers ( study refutes this) thus allegedly requiring giving Citizenship to Illegal Alien workers!!

2) HB 3599 The Bipartisan sponsored "Dignity Act Amnesty" pushed by the Cheap Labor Lobby -- see below

3) That CIR Bill (draft similar to 2019 version) would likely not only legalize over 30 million plus Illegals with green cards and a path to citizenship, but ALSO remove many of the caps on legal immigration resulting in a dramatic probable doubling of the pre-pandemic level of 1.5 Million Legals per year. which included 400,000/year into California alone

The costs to taxpayers (pre-pandemic $758 million per year NET of taxes immigrants pay) per Congressional district for LEGAL immigration alone (CCN study), would be immense, not to mention the increased child trafficking, drug running and increased Cartel power, the legalization of the Illegals would increasingly facilitate.. American Citizen Victims would then truly learn that Every State is a Border State, Alas!

The number of Illegal Aliens now crossing the Border into the USA totals about 250,000/month, not including gotaways.

4) Another Bill the Open Borders crowd advocates was introduced earlier this year in the Senate:--

2/21/2023 - Sellout Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has launched a new "Dream Act of 2023" Amnesty bill in the US Senate (S365) with his fellow open-borders globalist Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL).

The bill would automatically grant conditional permanent resident status to some two million Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients.

Conditional permanent resident status can be changed to lawful permanent resident (LPRs or green-card holder) status as soon as they meet certain conditions

This Dream Act Amnesty legislation is a strategy DC Open Borders elites crafted after CCN Activists and Allies defeated the Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) Mass Alien Amnesties several times in Washington 2004-2019. The globalists plan to use younger illegals to pull on American heartstrings to get this Amnesty for 2 million illegals --the DACAS-- who claim they came as kids (many are lying) into law, as the stalking horse for a Huge Alien Amnesty. via the CIR Bill

Specifically, when this Dream Act Amnesty is about to pass they will quickly amend/transform it into an Amnesty of over 30 Million llegal Aliens called the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill (CIR), Important to emphasize: The numbers of Illegal Aliens in the USA increases by 250,000/month, not including the "gotaways"!!

Thus If the Dream Act Amnesty passes this year, the chances they will successfully couple that with the nation-killing CIR Alien Amnesty for tens of millions of Illegals is high, and would be devastating for our Nation!. For example EACH Illegal Immigrant costs American taxpayers over $80,000. for health care, welfare, food stamps, education, etc (

5) Recently, Senate Democrats introduced an emergency supplemental funding bill which actually ENABLES CONTINUATION OF MORE MASS ILLEGAL ALIEN MIGRATION . The bill, entitled the Border Management, Security, and Assistance Act of 2023 (S.1600), is sponsored by two key members of the Senate, Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Senator Gary Peters (D-Mich.). Senator Durbin serves both as Majority Whip and Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Unfortunately, instead of offering any meaningful solutions to the border crisis, S.1600 further encourages and funds the rapid processing and release of illegal aliens into the United States. In fact, the bill actually rewards illegal aliens with taxpayer dollars and creates even more incentives for illegal immigration. To illustrate, S.1600 proposes the following spending:

  • $60 million to the Department of Justice’s Civil Division to fight lawsuits brought against the government related to the southwest border. .

  • $2.88 billion to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for operations and support, of which:

  • $1.95 billion must be transferred to FEMA for its Shelter and Services Program. This program gives food, shelter and other assistance to illegal aliens who have crossed the southern border.!!!!!!!

  • $603.5 million must be used for establishing and operating “temporary processing facilities” to increase capacity at ports of entry

  • another $200 million for other enabling funding programs including millions for “caregivers and medical care” for illegal aliens

  • $1.13 billion to CBP for procurement (i.e. large-scale purchases), construction and improvements, none of which will be used for the border wall. , but rather for other Alien Entry Enabling Construction

  • $960 million to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) “to respond to the rise in noncitizen arrivals at the southwest border.” Notably, the bill does not direct the agency to detain illegal aliens, but rather, directs the agency to release them.!!!! Of this amount,

  • $553 million is for transportation of illegal aliens all over the USA!!!!!

  • $127 million is for alternatives to detention

  • $117 million to reimburse the medical bills of illegal aliens treated by third parties

  • $409 million to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), to speed asylum and work permit processing claims

  • $1 billion to Health and Human Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children services

S.1600 also appropriates hundreds of millions of dollars in international aid

6) The Sixth Bill H.R. 2  which provides the Open Borders Crowd the opportunity to merge actually contains desirable provisions (from one perspective that makes it an even greater Threat because including a few of its provisions in the Final Merged Bill enhances the potential for that final Merged bill to pass)

H.R. 2 already passed by the House contains positive provisions by

  • Plugging loopholes in the asylum system that are currently being exploited by economic migrants by raising the bar for "credible fear" claims and denying entry to aliens claiming asylum at the border who have passed through a safe third country on their way to the United States and failed to apply in that safe country;

  • Blocking the administration from continuing its catch-and-release policy by making most illegal aliens ineligible for parole or release from custody other than to be returned to their home country or to a contiguous country to await the adjudication of their asylum claim there (Remain in Mexico);.

  • Preventing family units who cross the border illegally from being released into the United States by requiring family units apprehended at the border to be detained, protecting them from exploitation and victimization by the cartels and traffickers;

  • Reining in the breathtaking and illegal abuse of parole that this administration has been using to create its own immigration system outside of the confines of the Immigration and Nationality Act; and

  • Installing teeth into efforts to deter visa overstays.

Perhaps most important, the bill would require employers to check the legal status of new hires through the free, easy-to-use E-Verify system. By making it much harder for illegal aliens to find jobs, the reform would deter economic migrants from ever journeying to the United States

Fortunately, CCN Activists in every State have a good shot at stopping the Merged Bill which is coming as we and our Allies ALONE stopped the Comprehensive Alien Amnesty bill in December, 2019. (One of Our Activists encouraged one Senator to refuse to give Unanimous Consent to passing the Bill in the Senate)


And Most Important to Note:

ONLY pushing CCN's all-categories-included zero Net MORATORIUM on Legal Immigration (which would still allow admission of appx. 150,000 legal immigrants/year) plus closing the Border MAXIMIZES the chances of stopping a Merged Horrendous Alien Amnesty Bill.

Unfortunately, There are many supporters of a Mass Alien Amnesty from various groups in the 'Cheap Labor' Lobby typically reflected in OTHER Bills pending in Congress.:

Neil Munro at Breitbart News reports on a bi-partisan effort to legalize a million illegal aliens and to expand the current agricultural guest worker program, such as including full-time, year-round dairy workers.

'This is the best chance we’ve got of getting it done,' said one of the giveaway’s supporters, Rep. Mike Simpson (R-ID). 'I think this is becoming … the last hope,' he told an NPR reporter for a sympathetic November 8 radio segment.

The key player is Simpson’s Republican colleague, Sen. Mike Crapo (R-ID,), the top Republican in the Senate’s agriculture committee.

But Crapo has held up the bill for more than a year amid much opposition from voters in his state. That holdup has been quietly supported by passive opposition from many Republican legislators.

Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) has made a vigorous push for the legislation, and she is not hesitant to point out that it is intended to benefit agribusinesses operators by keeping wages for farm workers depressed.

The bill implements a wage freeze  [for 250,000 H-2A visa workers]. This is a very important matter for employers, [and] wages are expected to increase by another seven to eight percent next year. Under this bill, those wage increases won’t happen.

In sum the Future of our Nation is at stake!! ----


Contact your Representative and Senators NOW. Insist they commit to Opposing any Illegal Alien Amnesty!!!!!

AND support a zero-Net MORATORIUM on Legal Immigration (which would still allow 150,000 settlers a year)

And Most Important to Note:

ONLY pushing CCN's all-categories-included zero Net MORATORIUM on Legal Immigration MAXIMIZES the chances of stopping this Horrendous Mass Alien Amnesty Bill which would also double Legal Immigration. Pushing any less restrictive number, as the two National Mass Immigration Management Groups do, will likely result in a Compromise Bill reducing the numbers by just a few  thousand at most..... a totally unacceptable result.

Indeed, since those two National Mass Immigration Management groups refuse to support ANY Moratorium Bill (like Rep. Gosar's e.g.) THEY ARE DE FACTO ENABLERS OF CONTINUING MASS IMMIGRATION!!

Note:CCN is anti-mass immigration, but NOT anti-immigrant

CCN's Great Challenge to Mobilizing our Activists now is that CCN is de facto out of money:. mainly because many of our donors have been put out of business or are barely surviving due to intensifying Inflation and Economic slowdown!

Donations NOW!! to CCN are ESSENTIAL for CCN to stop these Bills!!

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