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Immigrants take Americans Jobs, but use more welfare than Americans!

Foreign-born employment up 2.9 million, U.S.-born down 183,000

Washington, D.C. (February 13, 2024) - A new analysis of government data by the Center for Immigration Studies shows that in the fourth quarter of 2023 there were 2.7 million more workers — 2.9 million more immigrants (legal and illegal) and 183,000 fewer U.S.-born Americans — than in the fourth quarter of 2019, pre-covid. Employment for both groups has rebounded since the lows of 2020, but it has not fully recovered for the U.S.-born, while immigrant employment (foreign-born) has exploded.

Less-educated U.S.-born men struggle the most. The labor force participation — the share working or looking for work – of U.S.-born men (18 to 64) without a bachelor’s has not returned to pre-covid levels. They do not show up as unemployed because they are not actively looking for work. There has been a decades-long decline in the labor force participation of these less-educated U.S.-born men, which is linked to profound social problems such as crime, overdose deaths and suicide.

“We keep hearing how the job market is booming, yet the number of U.S.-born Americans working has still not returned to the 2019 pre-Covid level. Moreover, labor force participation among non-college educated U.S.-born men has not even returned to the 2019 level, which itself was very low by historical standards,” said the Center’s Director of Research and the report’s coauthor, Steven Camarota.

Among the findings:

  • While the number working has continually rebounded from the Covid recession, there were still 183,000 fewer U.S.-born Americans working in the fourth quarter of 2023 than in the fourth quarter of 2019, compared to a 2.9 million increase in immigrants (legal and illegal) working.

  • The unemployment rate in the fourth quarter of 2023 was less than 4 percent for both immigrants and the U.S.-born. However, the unemployed do not include those out of the labor force — neither working nor looking for work.

  • Immigration has added significantly to the number of workers without a bachelor’s degree. Of the 2.9 million increase in immigrant workers, 1.7 million or 60 percent are adults 18 and older without a bachelor’s.

  • At 75.6 percent in the fourth quarter of 2023, the labor force participation rate of U.S.-born men without a bachelor’s (18 to 64) has still not returned to the 76.3 percent it was in the fourth quarter of 2019, which was lower than the 80.5 percent in 2006 and the 82.6 percent in 2000.

  • Compared to the 1960s, when more than 90 percent of adult less-educated U.S.-born men were in the labor force, the rate today is dramatically lower.

  • At 66.4 percent, the labor force participation rate of U.S.-born women (18 to 64) without a bachelor’s in the fourth quarter of 2023 has returned to the 2019 level but is still well below the peak of 70.7 percent in 2000.

  • The share of immigrant men (18 to 64) in the fourth quarter of 2023 without a bachelor’s degree in the labor force at 85.5 percent is higher than U.S.-born men, but it is still below the 86.4 percent in 2019.

  • There were a total of 43.5 million U.S.-born men and women (16 to 64) of all education levels not in the labor force in the fourth quarter of 2023 -- 8.6 million more than in 2000. More than two-thirds of the U.S.-born not in the labor force are adults 18 to 64 without a bachelor’s degree

  • In addition to the working-age, the labor force participation of those ages 65 to 74 increased steadily until 2019. But it fell significantly during the pandemic and at 26.5 percent for the U.S.-born and 30.9 percent for immigrants in the fourth quarter of 2023 it has not returned to the pre-Covid 2019 level for either group by the fourth quarter of 2023."

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And just last September CCN reported that:

Migrants Displace U.S. Workers - Biden Paroles 540,000 Illegals!

09/15/2023 - Staggering figures have revealed that over 1.2 million US-born workers lost their jobs last month while the foreign-born workforce increased by nearly 700,000 – as migrants continue to flood across the border under the Biden administration.

CLAUDIA AORAHA | DAILYMAIL.COM | 9/4/2023 | Condensed

Data from US Bureau of Labor Statistics show that between July and August, there was a staggering decrease of 1.223 million native-born people in the workforce – which is a low not beaten since the jobs crash when Covid hit in April 2020.

In stark contrast almost 688,000 jobs were secured by foreign-born workers, underlining the difference in Joe Biden's pro-migration policies versus Donald Trump's tough border stance.

Employment for foreign workers has been expanding, rather than contracting [every year].

The increase in foreign-born people working in the US this summer, 668,000, is the highest July-to-August jump in the last 10 years. The only July-to-August period that has come close was during the height of the pandemic in 2020 – 605,000.

What the figures suggest is there has been nearly a net-zero increase in native-born jobs created since the Covid economic crash. The job market is only just about reaching the highs seen in October 2019, where employment was 131.72 million.

Trends also seem to show that under Donald Trump, there were less foreign-born people working in the US month-on-month, the Bureau's data shows.

Comparing figures from the first three years of each of their tenures, the Republican president's foreign-born workforce expanded by 752,000 between August 2017 to 2019.

By contrast, Democrat Biden's figure from August 2021 to 2023 was 3.943 million

Recap of foreign workforce expansion in three-year period:

  • Trump: + 752,000

  • Biden: + 3,943,000

During Trump's presidency, between July and August of 2017, foreign-born employment rose by just 82,000.

The 668,000 foreign workforce figure in 2023 is a staggering eight times more – set on the backdrop of the Biden administration's control of the movement across the US-Mexico border since the end of pandemic-era Title 42 in May

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Biden’s Migrants are automatically granted temporary legal status, are handed a work visa, a bank account, welfare assistance, and travel expenses paid to the destination of their choice. These foreign workers will be in our system for as long as 4-10 years waiting for a court appearance, and meanwhile start families, have anchor babies, and make plans for family chain migration, despite over 90% entering on bogus asylum claims.

Note: 1/3 of all ICE arrests have criminal backgrounds and MANY of the illegals arriving from one of 150 nations come from countries where criminal records are inaccessible like ISIS trafficked countries of Syria, Uzbekistan, and more.

This year alone, Biden has admitted 2,556,286 from October to July.

That means 1,868,286 did not gain employment and are surviving solely on taxpayer subsidies that are nearly double the value of what average unskilled labor households earn each month.

Out of Biden’s 8 million illegals granted work visa’s, 51% or 4,057,000, are completely dependent on taxpayer subsidies and the rest have devoured desperately needed US jobs!

Black and Hispanic native-born citizens are suffering the greatest job losses and unfair job competition with limited unskilled work available to them!

Biden’s illegal migrants are immediately granted access to welfare benefits, with 51% demanding welfare compared to 33% of US citizens.

Biden’s open border policy has cost US taxpayers 960 billion dollars!

The emergency housing resources and tents popping up in sanctuary cities is only due to the OVERWHELMED NGO’s that can’t keep up with demand in terms of organizing their placement in coordination with city Mayors and local officials. Meanwhile, homeless vets and destitute citizens have no equal access to the benefits Congress has budgeted for ‘asylum’ seekers.

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In case you missed it…Stop Taxpayer Funded Border Invasion

Government Hiding Spending Through Charities on Your Dime!

"According to unpublished government data, the Biden administration has granted parole to more than 541,000 foreign nationals who do not have visas to enter the United States. The expansive use of parole is a key component of the administration’s policy of creating new “legal pathways” for migrants to enter the country.

There’s just one problem with this plan that the administration and nearly every journalist reporting on it conveniently overlook. This pathway is not legal. Through Article 1, Section 8, Clause 4 of the U.S. Constitution, the founders of our republic vested Congress with plenary authority to “establish an (sic) uniform Rule of Naturalization…throughout the United States.” That means that the Executive Branch of government has no authority to create sweeping new immigration programs.

Congress did grant the Executive Branch parole authority. But that authority is very limited, and the conditions for granting it are clearly defined. Section 212(d)(5)(A) of the Immigration and Nationality Act states that parole may be granted “temporarily…only on a case-by-case basis for urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit.”

That is language that might apply to 541 foreign nationals, not 541,000. Moreover, we know that the parole being granted here is not of a temporary nature, as required by statute. The Administration’s own regulations governing these new parole programs outright admit that the purpose is to allow these aliens to live and work in the U.S. until they can find a way to convert to a legal status.

Allies of the administration, like Leon Rodriguez who served as President Obama’s U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services director, argue that the expansive use of parole authority is a “necessity,” because “the pressures are much greater now.” Of course, much of the pressure has been created by the administration’s signal that we would accommodate endless flows of migrants. And nowhere in the statute creating parole authority does it say anything about it being a mechanism to alleviate to pressure.

More alarming is that the Biden administration is only getting started on its abuse of parole to expand pathways for inadmissible aliens to enter the United States. Of the 541,000 who have already entered, 133,000 were people who used the CBP One app to schedule an appointment at a port of entry. That is a program that the administration began ramping up only in the past few months. The administration anticipates that as many as 529,250 migrants a year can be accommodated through the use of the app. That figure does not include the 360,000 a year that are allowed to enter under a special parole program for Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans, and Venezuelans. Yet another parole program, Uniting for Ukraine, which has allowed 141,200 people to enter, has no numerical limit.

If the combined entries of people using the CBP One app and the country-specific programs are maxed out, those numbers would actually exceed the 740,000 green cards issued through our legal immigration admission process in 2021 – thereby making a mockery of not only of our legal immigration system, but our Constitution.

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---- And BTW that "compromise" Immigration Bill actually contained multiple Poison Pills:

The so-called immigration bill that fluttered around the U.S. Senate for a week or so, very recently, was worse than we thought.

In addition to greenlighting illegal immigration until numbers exceeded an average of 5000 daily illegal crossings, on a weekly basis, the Bill precluded judicial review by most US courts that otherwise, now, have jurisdiction.

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Welfare Use by Immigrants and the U.S.-Born

Comparing program use by foreign- and U.S.-born-headed households

By Steven A. Camarota and Karen Zeigler on December 19, 2023

This report is based on newly released data from the 2022 Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP). Analysis of this data shows both immigrants and the U.S.-born make extensive use of means-tested anti-poverty programs, with immigrant households significantly more likely to receive benefits. This is primarily because the American welfare system is designed in large part to help low-income families with children, which describes a large share of immigrants. The ability of immigrants, including illegal immigrants, to receive welfare benefits on behalf of U.S.-born citizen children is a key reason why restrictions on welfare use for new legal immigrants, and illegal immigrants, are relatively ineffective.

Among the findings:

  • The 2022 SIPP indicates that 54 percent of households headed by immigrants — naturalized citizens, legal residents, and illegal immigrants — used one or more major welfare program. This compares to 39 percent for U.S.-born households.

  • The rate is 59 percent for non-citizen households (e.g. green card holders and illegal immigrants).

  • Compared to households headed by the U.S.-born, immigrant-headed households have especially high use of food programs (36 percent vs. 25 percent for the U.S.-born), Medicaid (37 percent vs. 25 percent for the U.S.-born), and the Earned Income Tax Credit (16 percent vs. 12 percent for the U.S.-born).

  • Our best estimate is that 59 percent of households headed by illegal immigrants, also called the undocumented, use at least one major program. We have no evidence this is due to fraud. Among legal immigrants we estimate the rate is 52 percent.

  • Illegal immigrants can receive welfare on behalf of U.S.-born children, and illegal immigrant children can receive school lunch/breakfast and WIC directly. A number of states provide Medicaid to some illegal adults and children, and a few provide SNAP. Several million illegal immigrants also have work authorization (e.g. DACA, TPS, and some asylum applicants) allowing receipt of the EITC.

  • No one program explains the higher overall use of welfare by immigrants. For example, excluding the extensively used but less budgetary costly school lunch/breakfast program, along with the WIC nutrition program, still shows 46 percent of all immigrant households and 33 percent of U.S.-born households use at least one of the remaining programs.

  • The presence of extended family or unrelated individuals does not explain immigrants’ higher welfare use, as the vast majority of immigrant households are nuclear families. Further, of immigrant households comprised of only a nuclear family, 49 percent use the welfare system compared to 35 percent of nuclear family U.S.-born households.

  • The high welfare use of immigrant households is not explained by an unwillingness to work. In fact, 83 percent of all immigrant households and 94 percent of illegal-headed households have at least one worker, compared to 73 percent of U.S.-born households.

  • Immigrants’ higher welfare use relative to the U.S.-born is partly, but only partly, explained by the larger share with modest education levels, their resulting lower incomes, and the greater percentage of immigrant households with children.

  • Immigrant households without children, as well as those with high incomes and those headed by immigrants with at least a bachelor’s degree, tend to be more likely to use welfare than their U.S.-born counterparts.

  • Most new legal immigrants are barred from most programs, as are illegal immigrants, but this has a modest impact primarily because: 1) Immigrants can receive benefits on behalf of U.S.-born children; 2) the bar does not apply to all programs, nor does it apply to non-citizen children in some cases; 3) most legal immigrants have lived here long enough to qualify for welfare; 4) some states provide welfare to otherwise ineligible immigrants on their own; 5) by naturalizing, immigrants gain full welfare eligibility"

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In sum the Future of our Nation is at stake!! ----


Contact your Representative and Senators NOW. Insist they commit to Opposing any Illegal Alien Amnesty and to providing any taxpayer-funded benefits to Illegals!!!!!

AND support a zero-Net MORATORIUM on Legal Immigration (which would still allow 150,000 settlers a year) AND closing the Border to Illegals

And Most Important to Note:

ONLY pushing CCN's all-categories-included zero Net MORATORIUM on Legal Immigration MAXIMIZES the chances of stopping this Horrendous Mass Alien Amnesty Bill which would also double Legal Immigration. Pushing any less restrictive number, as the two National Mass Immigration Management Groups do, will likely result in a Compromise Bill reducing the numbers by just a few thousand at most..... a totally unacceptable result.

Indeed, one Management Group actually ADVOCATES "BETTER IMMIGRATION"!!!!!!!!!

In sum, since those two National Mass Immigration Management groups refuse to support ANY Moratorium Bill (like Rep. Gosar's e.g.) THEY ARE DE FACTO ENABLERS OF CONTINUING MASS IMMIGRATION!

CCN is anti-mass immigration, but NOT anti-immigrant

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