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Since we and our ASAP Coalition Allies were instrumental in stopping the Democrat sponsored Mega-Amnesty



Bill from being considered by the Senate, now the Open Borders crowd, led by several GOP Cheap Labor Lobby House members!!


are pushing another Illegal Alien Amnesty, in most respects just as bad or worse as the earlier Mega-Amnesty, but including a few crumbs with which they hope to satisfy the restrictionists


Unfortunately, therefore, this "bipartisan" Bill has a greater chance of being enacted into law!! Help us stop it!!


Recently Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar (R-Fla.) introduced the bill( The Dignity Act H.R.6637) alongside six Republican colleagues that provides amnesty for millions of illegal aliens in exchange for a few border security and immigration enforcement crumbs.


Rep. John Curtis (R-UT) says that Bill that gives amnesty to illegal aliens and expands pipelines for foreign visa workers will be a boost for business.“The Dignity Act” provides green cards to the nation’s (over 22 million) illegals while expanding visa programs to more readily outsource American jobs.


Curtis is co-sponsoring the bill alongside Reps. Dan Newhouse (R-WA), Pete Sessions (R-TX), Jenniffer Gonzalez-Colon (R-PR), Tom Reed (R-NY), and Peter Meijer (R-MI). --all up for reelection this year!! Predictably The bill is backed by the United States Chamber of Commerce and the Niskanen Center.


“… the Dignity Act balances the need for a secure and working border with compassionate policies that keep families together, ensures employers have access to reliable foreign workers, and welcomes people into our society and communities,” Curtis said in a statement.


Curtis’s donors include mega multinational corporations like Comcast, Alphabet Inc., Berkshire Hathaway, and AT&T, among others, which have a vested financial interest in driving as many foreign nationals to the U.S. as possible.


The plan’s amnesty provisions allow hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to immediately secure green cards while millions of others are put on a 10-year track to obtain green cards while holding work permits.


Also included, are expansions of the H-2A and H-2B visa programs that deliver thousands of foreign workers to U.S. farms and seasonal employers every year. With the H-2B visa, the plan exempts returning foreign workers from the annual cap, while the H-2A visa provisions will make hiring foreign farmworkers easier


Key Open Borders Provisions & others in The Dignity Act


First, it creates a legal pathway to citizenship for “Dreamers,” AKA AMNESTY defined under the terms of the American Dream and Promise Act .and also includes provisions from the Farm Workforce Modernization Act (H.R. 1603) (both bills introduced earlier), which legalizes millions of illegal alien farmworkers and reduces protections for American workers in the already-unlimited H-2A visa program!!!.


Rep. Salazar attempts a linguistic sweetner title for her proposed “Dignity Program” and “Redemption Program.” The Dignity Program creates a 10 year period in which illegal aliens not covered by the H.R. 6 or H.R. 1603 provisions receive work permits and protection from deportation so long as they do not commit crimes and pay $1,000 every year into an “American worker fund.” This fund will, per the release, “provide grants to American citizens for workforce education initiatives, apprentice programs, and Career and Technical Education-- a sop to the restrictionists.”


However The optional Redemption Program also gives illegal aliens the opportunity to earn a green card through 5 years of English and civics education as well as further restitution payments.


Another outrageous provision , is the expansion of the H-2B guestworker program via the inclusion of the H-2B Returning Worker Exemption Act


The H-2B guestworker program hires foreign workers at lower-than-average wages, providing employers with an incentive to avoid hiring Americans.


Mandatory E-Verify--one positive sop for restrictionists


The Dignity Act includes mandatory E-Verify through the use of the Legal Workforce Act first proposed by Rep. Ken Calvert (R-Calif.). The bill phases employers into the program in stages, depending on the size of their company, and must re-verify existing employees if they did not have E-Verify in place already:


Within 6 months: employers with 10,000+ employees


Within 1 year: employers with 500 to 9,999 employees


Within 1.5 years: employers with 20 to 499 employees


Within 2 years: employers hiring less than 20 employees


However, agricultural employers – responsible for hiring a large number of illegal aliens – have 2.5 years to enroll their employees in E-Verify – a requirement likely to be extended.


Border Wall Construction and Investment--another good provision


The bill calls for restarting border wall contracts that the Biden administration ended when President Biden entered office. It also proposes implementing other border technologies, specifying “radar, cameras, infrared, secure communications, and autonomous detection technology.” The legislation also provides the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with the ability to hire 3,000 additional border agents and personnel.


Asylum Processing Centers-- a Delusion which would not help stem the flow


The bill would establish four regional processing centers to house aliens claiming asylum. Salazar claims that this would end catch-and-release policies while cases work their way through the immigration court system.


but it addresses a symptom of the problem rather than the cause itself. Holding aliens in detention during their immigration proceedings would stop catch-and-release, but only if you can hold all asylum claimants. Given the state of the border crisis, this is almost impossible. Since Joe Biden became president in January 2021, Border Patrol apprehended over 2 million illegal aliens at the border. The vast majority claimed asylum.


Are four processing centers going to house 2 million aliens at once? This is just for a single year. Detention centers could not possibly house all of the people who travel to the U.S. to claim asylum. Detaining aliens would lead to downstream effects on human trafficking, and numbers could lessen, but the point remains the same – there are too many people making fraudulent claims. Without an enormous increase in immigration judges, those cases will further add to the growing backlog, increasing detention time. The bill includes adding 150 immigration judge teams and 300 asylum officers. The impact of that would still not be enough to meaningfully reduce backlogs, given current trends.


This is not a realistic way to end the border crisis. The cause of the crisis is our asylum laws, not a lack of detention space.--asylum will continue to be a major loophole for determined illegal aliens, smugglers, and traffickers.




Rep. Salazar’s bill is basically mainly a con-job that open borders cheap labor Republicans plus Democrats a Mass Amnesty bill which they enact any time this year UNLESS WE STOP THEM.


So please help CCN stop The largest Illegal Alien Amnesty in U.S. History and end MASS legal immigration!


URGENT:Contact your U.S. Representatives and Senators repeatedly and urge them to oppose any Bill which contains ANY Amnesty Bill provisions whatsoever.


MULTIPLY your Impact by making a Tax-Deductible Donation to Carrying Capacity Network (visit


CCN can thereby Intensify its Mobilization of its Activists all over the USA to oppose this bill! CCN's Activists give CCN Clout!


Also note that CCN is pro-Legal Immigrants but anti-Mass Immigration!


And Most Important to Note:


ONLY pushing CCN's all-categories-included zero Net MORATORIUM on Legal Immigration (which would still allow appx. 150,000 legal immigrants/year) MAXIMIZES the chances of stopping this Horrendous Bill.


Pushing any less restrictive number, as the Mass Immigration Management Groups do, will likely result in a Compromise Bill reducing the numbers by just a few Million at most..... a totally unacceptable result.


Indeed, since those two National Mass Immigration Management groups refuse to support a MORATORIUM on legal Immigration they are de facto ENABLERS OF CONTINUING MASS IMMIGRATION!!


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