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Help stop Democracy Destroying H.R. 1--another Marxist



H.R. 1 will make permanent all of the unconstitutional and underhanded practices that made the 2020 election such a disaster. It is full of unconstitutional policies that the Leftists/Marxists founders of the "Cancel Culture" want to use to further hijack America’s election processes.

- It forces taxpayers to finance political campaigns;


- Allows politicians to take a second salary from their campaigns;


- Eliminates the ability of states to control their own elections by forcing states to enact same-day voter registration, automatically register voters, implement online voter registration, allow voters to cast ballots outside of their precinct, keep ineligible voters on voter rolls in perpetuity, register voters without verifying eligibility, and allow people to vote without showing any identification;


- And it incorporates a Key Marxist Principle: Cancel Free Speech. The bill Undermines our 1st Amendment rights by increasing government censorship over political campaigns, activity, and speech by using the vague standard of whether speech impacts an election; and

- It Would force political nonprofits to publicly disclose donors making it easier to dox people, threaten their families, and get them fired from their jobs, all key Marxist enforcement mechanisms.


Tell your Representatives to VOTE NO on this Bill which would codify the Marxist Cancel Culture into law. Also tell them to vote no on the pending Amnesty Bill/s and thereby to stop these Taxpayer-funded gifts to Big Tech (which also CENSORS free speech) and Cheap Labor Lobby and to the FAR LEFT. The Citizenship (i.e Amnesty) 2021 bill would cost American taxpayers much more than the $330 Billion per year already paid by taxpayers, that our Net Costs of Legal Immigration Study has detailed.


And re: Legal Immigration Demand that our National Legislators return to all of their citizen-taxpaying-constituents their share of that $330 Billion that American Taxpayers already spend every year to subsidize LEGAL Immigration — that is $758 Million/year* Net per Congressional District for the 1.5 Million plus immigrants admitted legally each year. 400,000/year into California alone prior to the Biden Executive Orders Important to emphasize is that CCN is a Genuine Mass Immigration REDUCTION Group, so Donations to CCN have far more impact dollar for dollar than Donations to Mass Immigration MANAGEMENT Groups who refuse to support a Zero-Net all-categories-included Moratorium on Legal or to oppose Marxism.


Therefore, CCN invites once again all genuine REDUCTIONIST organizations to Join our Diversity Coalition for an all-categories-included Immigration MORATORIUM . . . a Coalition supported by many Immigrants from all Ethnic Groups.


Carrying Capacity Network Is Pro-Immigrant, Anti-Mass-Immigration, anti-Marxist. 


We have taken the lead for a decade in warning about Cultural Marxism.


See for example the superb 2010 article by Lind available via link near the top right of our home page.


Indeed, the two largest Immigration MANAGEMENT Groups have de facto undermined our efforts to reduce legal and illegal immigration.


One says its goal is to stop Illegal Immigration, but refuses to push hard to reduce legal immigration or to acknowledge the Magnet effect the uncapped Asylee and other Categories in Legal Immigration have on drawing in illegal immigrants, who can via that category automatically be designated Asylees and thus de facto legalized.


The other group says it is for “lower immigration levels” but that too is entirely Counterproductive because it sends the Message that Mass Immigration is OK but just at lower levels.


As we have been saying for over ten years the Only Position which generates enough Political Power to get reductions in Legal and Illegal immigration is to advocate an all-categories included Zero-Net Moratorium.


We can have a substantial impact on stopping or watering down the oncoming bills., and the oncoming CARAVANS.  We have Activists in almost all states!!


However, the pandemic/economy has greatly hurt our Donations. Our nonprofit is now running on air.


The Open Borders and Marxist Threats are Intensifying!!.


Donations are Tax-Deductible. Help CCN intensify our efforts.  Please DONATE Today by Credit Card at Carrying Capacity Network, Inc. or by Check via U.S. mail to:


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