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Amnesty Bill/s & E/Os Threaten/s Americans and USA!



1. Eight-Year ‘Path to Citizenship including Citizenship for previously deported Alien Criminals!


The legislation calls for an eight-year path to U.S. citizenship for illegal immigrants that would include going through a process of becoming a legal resident. The Biden-backed legislation is more lenient than the proposal in 2013 that stretched the pathway to citizenship over 13 years. To be covered by the bill, an immigrant would have had to be in the United States before Jan. 1, 2021. That would include illegal immigrants who rushed the border after the 2020 election, up until 20 days before Biden’s inauguration as president. After five years of temporary legal status, an illegal immigrant would have to wait another three years to get citizenship.


And those removed under the Trump administration as Criminals could be readmitted with eventual citizenship!! And those Aliens who "bring" a child become Asylees under current legal immigration law and can stay and get green cards. Consequently prospective immigrants from all over the world are forming caravans and heading north. And since the Biden administration has vetoed the Trump administrations deal with Mexico that prospective immigrants had to wait in Mexico for their cases to be adjudicated, over 4,000 per day are now flooding the border.


The Biden administration’s actions already have created a crisis at the southern border, Heritage Foundation immigration experts Chad Wolf, Ken Cuccinelli, Mark Morgan, James Carafano, and Lora Ries said Thursday in a joint statement. “The Biden administration and others on Capitol Hill are putting illegal immigrants above the American people—the people whose very interests they were elected to represent,” they said, adding:


We have seen it time and again—amnesty only begets more illegal immigration. Rather than dealing with the loopholes incentivizing illegal immigration, or pursuing further security improvements on our southern border, this administration is choosing to reward law-breaking in what appears to be an effort to reshape the American electorate in ways that benefit the radical left and its agenda. Worse still, this scheme is being carried out on the backs not just of American citizens, but thousands of migrant children as well, who have increasingly become pawns used by smugglers and human traffickers to exploit loopholes in our system and funnel hundreds of thousands of migrants to the U.S. southern border.


The Daily Signal is the multimedia news organization of The Heritage Foundation, where Wolf, Cuccinelli, and Morgan—all former Trump administration officials—are visiting fellows. Heritage Action is the think tank’s grassroots lobbying arm.


2. Exemptions for ‘Dreamers’ and Others


In the Biden plan, an exception for the waiting process for citizenship would be created for illegal immigrants who arrived in the United States as children—those amnesty supporters call “Dreamers.” as well as those with Temporary Protected Status. This would immediately provide legal status to some 20 Million And the families of all those admitted would also be allowed to stay and work-- a de facto unlimited Chain Migration provision! see below


3. More PC Government Language


Biden, through executive action, had government agencies change references from “alien” to “noncitizen” despite the wording of current U.S. law. In what is a mostly linguistic change to a more politically correct term, the legislation would codify the Biden language by eliminating references in the law to “alien” for an illegal or legal immigrant, and referring to such a person only as “noncitizen.”


4. Chain Migration:


And the families of all those admitted would also be allowed to stay and work-- a de facto unlimited Chain Migration provision! The legislation would exempt most immediate family members of legal immigrants from counting toward annual per-country caps for employment-based green cards and family-based green cards. This exemption from per-country caps would include spouses, “partners,” and children under 21. “The bill further supports familes by more explicitly including permanent partnerships and eliminating discrimination facing LGBTQ+ families,” the White House says in a fact sheet on the plan. The legislation would boost funding for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to reduce a backlog of asylum applications. And all farm workers could obtain green cards and eventually permanent residence. This would create great competition for low skill jobs which would otherwise be available to unemployed Americans.


5. Legal Immigration


The bill would eliminate a prohibition on returning to the United States for an illegal immigrant who was previously here in violation of immigration laws. It would boost funding for immigration judges while also paying for more lawyers for illegal immigrants who attend hearings. The bill also would increase the number of visas granted annually to foreigners from 55,000 to 80,000. It would codify Biden’s executive action to scrap the Trump administration’s “extreme vetting” policy, which blocked immigration from some majority-Muslim countries that also are failed states. “The bill includes the NO BAN Act that prohibits discrimination based on religion and limits presidential authority to issue future bans,” the White House says in its description of the plan.


6. Foreign Aid


The legislation calls for $4 billion for Central America, and for action against smugglers, narcotics, and trafficking networks. The bill would require Central American countries to establish some refugee processing centers in their own countries. Biden has said he supports ending the Trump administration’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, which required refugees to be processed in Mexico—as the first safe country they reach—if they are fleeing danger in a Central American country. The White House fact sheet says:


The bill codifies and funds the president’s $4 billion four-year inter-agency plan to address the underlying causes of migration in the region, including by increasing assistance to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, conditioned on their ability to reduce the endemic corruption, violence, and poverty that causes people to flee their home countries.


It also creates safe and legal channels for people to seek protection, including by establishing Designated Processing Centers throughout Central America to register and process displaced persons for refugee resettlement and other lawful migration avenues—either to the United States or other partner countries.




7. The bill would create a "Lawful Prospective Immigrant " status for which even some Aliens with multiple Felonies would qualify and would require that applications for readmission be sent to /provided to previously deported criminals, ...another de facto Amnesty.


8. The Bill would appropriate $4 Billion in aid to sending countries ostensibly to eliminate the causes of Migration.


9. It would expand the visa lottery from 50,000 to 80,000 annually, immediately giving aliens in the visa backlog green cards, and awarding green cards to all foreign students who graduate from U.S. colleges with STEM degrees creating a HUGE pool of competitors for jobs sought by unemployed Americans [ As CCN has demonstrated in prior Alerts the USA does NOT have a worker shortage in any category].. The bill also exempts spouses and children from visa cap numbers and rolls over unused visas to the next fiscal year’s allotment.


10. Would make the American taxpayer liable to pay for the new "Immigrants" Health care expenses, Welfare, Section 8 Housing, Food Stamps etc. as taxpayers are already doing for most Immigrants already here. See CCN's Net Costs of Legal Immigration study.


11. Would immediately release thousands of Aliens into the USA without testing them for Covid or other disease effectively making permanent Biden's Executive Order mandating Catch and Release. The Border Patrol now apprehends 4,000/day and must now release them into the USA. Biden's Open Border policies are much appreciated by The Cartels who make an extraordinary amount of money smuggling Drugs and trafficking children into the United States.


12. The bill guts interior enforcement and thus prevents ICE from removing CRIMINALS from the Interior of the USA! also making permanent Biden's Executive Order preventing interior enforcement


13. POTENTIALLY MORE THREATENING ARE THE PROPONENTS TENTATIVE PLANS TO BREAK THE BILL INTO COMPONENTS I.E. MULTIPLE AMNESTY BILLS , TO EASE PASSAGE ONE BY ONE. (#s 1 -13 from Heritage Fdn and Stephen Miller, fmr. Trump Adm Senior Advisor on Immigration and the texts of the bill and the Biden Executive Orders)




Authorities made about 78,000 arrests in January, according to data released this week by the U.S.CBP. The agency averaged about 3,000 arrests per day in January and the numbers are only going up-- to 4,000/day in February.


Tell your Representatives to VOTE NO on this Bill and to stop these Taxpayer-funded gifts to Big Tech and Cheap Labor Lobby and to the FAR LEFT. The Citizenship (i.e Amnesty) 2021 bill would cost American taxpayers much more than the $330 Billion per year already paid by taxpayers, that our Net Costs of Legal Immigration Study has detailed.


And re: Legal Immigration Demand that our National Legislators return to all of their citizen-taxpaying-constituents their share of that $330 Billion that American Taxpayers already spend every year to subsidize LEGAL Immigration — that is $758 Million/year* Net per Congressional District for the 1.5 Million plus immigrants admitted legally each year. 400,000/year into California alone prior to the Biden Executive Orders Important to emphasize is that CCN is a Genuine Mass Immigration REDUCTION Group, so Donations to CCN have far more impact dollar for dollar than Donations to Mass Immigration MANAGEMENT Groups who refuse to support a Zero-Net all-categories-included Moratorium on Legal.


Therefore, CCN invites once again all genuine REDUCTIONIST organizations to Join our Diversity Coalition for an all-categories-included Immigration MORATORIUM . . . a Coalition supported by many Immigrants from all Ethnic Groups.


Carrying Capacity Network Is Pro-Immigrant, Anti-Mass-Immigration.


Indeed, the two largest Immigration MANAGEMENT Groups have de facto undermined our efforts to reduce legal and illegal immigration.


One says its goal is to stop Illegal Immigration, but refuses to acknowledge the Magnet effect the uncapped Asylee and other Categories in Legal Immigration have on drawing in illegal immigrants.


The other group says it is for “lower immigration levels” but that too is entirely Counterproductive because it sends the Message that Mass Immigration is OK but just at lower levels.


As we have been saying for over ten years the Only Position which generates enough Political Power to get reductions in Legal and Illegal immigration is to advocate a Zero-Net Moratorium.


We can have a substantial impact on stopping or watering down the oncoming bills., and the oncoming CARAVANS We have Activists in almost all states!!


However, the pandemic/economy has greatly hurt our Donations. Our nonprofit is now running on air.

Donations are Tax-Deductible. Help CCN intensify our efforts.


The Open Borders Threat is Intensifying.


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