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#1 Immigration Moratorium

  • The DIVERSITY COALITION supports an immediate enactment of a Legal Immigration Moratorium with an all-categories-included, cap of 150,000 immigrants (including refugees and asylees) per year. The Visa Lottery should be eliminated and Chain Migration Limited to Spouses and Minor Children of U.S. Citizens. All "Temporary" Visas such as H1b and H2b should be limited by the all-inclusive CAP.

#2 No More Amnesties

  • ASAP! opposes additional amnesties granting legal status or citizenship to illegal aliens. Amnesties reward illegal behavior while unnecessarily adding to population growth, driving unending chain migration, and encouraging illegal entry to the USA.

#3 Enforce Immigration Laws

  • Existing laws requiring apprehension and deportation of all illegal aliens in the USA must be enforced. Officials failing to enforce our laws must be replaced. We oppose Sanctuary Sity/State Status.

#4 No Citizenship for Illegal Aliens' Offspring

  • Offspring of illegal aliens should not be granted automatic U.S. citizenship. Many argue convincingly that the 14th Amendment does not guarantee citizenship to offspring of illegal aliens.

Carrying Capacity Network, Co-Sponsor

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