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The Only Way to Win the
Immigration Battle

December, 2007

Carrying Capacity Network, a proud co-sponsor of the ASAP! (Alliance to Stabilize America's Population) Coalition is pleased to bring you the following excellent article by Selwyn Duke: "The Only Way to Win the immigration Battle"

Four times this year, CCN and its ASAP! Coalition Allies have beaten back the Open Borders Lobby's attempts to pass an amnesty of the 25 million illegal aliens in the United States. But we REDUCTIONISTS would not be in the position of having to beat back an amnesty four times if the NeoCon Mass Immigration MANAGEMENT Groups would adopt the ONLY winning strategy for achieving immigration REDUCTION.

This one and ONLY winning strategy is the one which Mr. Duke, CCN and its ASAP! Coalition Allies have long advocated-- PUSHING a MORATORIUM on legal immigration. To win even incremental reductions we have to go on the offense with a MORATORIUM initiative!! Only pushing a Moratorium calls the whole Enterprise of Mass Immigration into question. It demands an answer to the question: why have any substantial immigration at all?

By merely pushing mere incremental reductions as "Solutions" the NeoCon Mass Immigration Management Groups effectively undercut any chance of getting any real reductions. Worst of all, this incremental approach forces us to play defense all the time.

To win we've got to play offense. CCN and its allies have been doing this for years by pushing for a MORATORIUM, which the NeoCon groups have undercut. Result: Massive Legal Immigration continues to add more than two million people to the United States each year, and legal immigrant communities increasingly serve as family and job 'magnets' for illegal immigrants.

So ask any immigration "reform" groups which you may support whether or not they are pushing a moratorium as their very first priority. Ask them also if they have joined the ASAP! Coalition of over sixty grassroots organizations which have signed on to ASAP's 4-point program which makes a Moratorium Push a #1 priority.

If any group you support does not push a moratorium as its first priority, and is not an ASAP! Signatory, you have very good reasons to question whether or not they are sincere about immigration reduction. They may well be inside-the-beltway cocktail party "reformers" sucking up your support with no reductions to show for it.

The Only Way To Win the Immigration Battle
By Selwyn Duke
Friday, September 28, 2007

It's hard to think of a battle that has been won by being defensive. You may be most skilled at blocking and slipping punches, but if that is all you do, sooner or later your opponent will land a few and enjoy victory. This occurs to me as I watch the latest amnesty battle.

As you may know, the DREAM Act-the latest Scamnesty scheme-is being debated in Congress at this moment. And it may be the Mexican dream, but it's our nightmare. But that isn't what I want to address today.

We may defeat this proposal as we did the last, but so what?

Are you surprised? Do I sound overly cavalier or a tad defeatist? Here is my point: Until we transform this debate and talk about the true remedy for our problem-namely, halting legal immigration-we will labor in vain.

As I have said before, illegal immigration isn't the problem, but merely an exacerbation of the problem. As long as we perpetuate our current immigration scheme-a formula dictating that 85 percent of immigrants will hail from the Third World and Asia-the demographic revolution we have witnessed will continue, attended by descent into Third World status.

This is the third rail of the American immigration debate, the emperor-has-no-clothes-issue, the untouchable element. It gets at a truth that no one even dares contemplate because, by golly, we're a nation of immigrants. That is what we're told and it's not to be questioned; it is dogma. Why, I can almost hear Zero Mostel bellowing "Tradition!"

Then again, I can also hear that apocryphal saying: "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result."

Advocating a moratorium on legal immigration would be a return to sanity that could turn the tide. We would finally be taking the offense and proposing a change in the traditionalist direction, as opposed to making proactivity the province of the left. We would finally be pushing back, demanding some of the adversary's territory instead of just defending ours. Of course, we do have one other choice.

Certain defeat.

We may end this bad DREAM, but the left will be back, maybe in a few months, maybe in a year. And then they will return again and again and again and again; they will continue to make their proposals and propagandize, cajole and coerce, until one of their nail-in-the-coffin laws passes. It's not a matter of if, only when; one of those big punches will eventually land. This is the consequence of being defensive.

Thus, proposing the elimination of immigration is not only the right thing, it's the only thing. The present course of action guarantees eventual defeat, as the traditionalist side gets worn down through constant attack and people become acclimated to the idea of scamnesty-by-another-name. But if we finally start making the proposals-if we finally say to the left, "No! You no longer drive the agenda, we have a say now"-we'll be pushing back. Then, at worst, maybe we will, to use apropos terminology, be in a Mexican stand-off. And then perhaps, just possibly, we will have the time to alter the American consciousness and muster up the popular will to save our republic.

It's push back or be pushed around.

End immigration now, before it ends us.

Selwyn Duke is a columnist, public speaker, and internet entrepreneur whose work has been published widely online and in print. His articles appear4 at RenewAmerica, American Thinker, The Conservative Voice, Blogcritics, as well as many other sites. He has been featured in The American Conservative (Pat Buchanan's magazine), on the Rush Limbaugh Show, and has a regular column in Christian Music Perspective. Selwyn can be reached at:


  • Note: CCN is anti-mass immigration but NOT anti-immigrant.

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