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Carrying Capacity Network Action Alert

May, 2007

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has introduced S.1348 which is simply the repackaged version of the Alien Amnesty Bill (S.2611) passed last year by the Senate. This devious maneuver bypasses Committee Hearings and Public Scrutiny and Input! It also means that Reid could ask the full Senate to vote on this Bill any day now!

The Bill is also the Stalking Horse for the one which Open Borders Senators of both Parties and the White House have been negotiating for weeks behind closed doors. Their Perfidious Goal is to Craft a Version which will win the Approval of the 60 Senators necessary to sustain a Cloture Vote. Cloture brings a Bill to the vote without further discussion.

With 60 reliable votes, Reid could then have the bi-partisan compromise language inserted into S.1348 to replace the old language, and immediately bring the Bill to a Vote.

Or, ANY DAY he decides that 60 Senators will not be found to support the negotiated compromise, he can simply call a vote on last year's successful Senate version.

Either way, the resulting Bill which would be a massive BETRAYAL of the American people would then go immediately to Conference Committee with the House where the Negotiators would work out the few small differences with the outrageous Flake-Gutierrez House Bill.

The attempted and all-too-likely to be successful deception by open borders Senators and the Bush Administration is a betrayal of the USA! It would lead to 60 to100 million immigrants added to the United States population within a generation, massive increases in public service costs, job loss, wage depression, and taxes.
ACT NOW, call and fax your Senators and tell them to vote NO on S.1348 or any White House Compromise or NO on anything described as a comprehensive immigration Bill!

Tell them to Vote NO on any Illegal Alien Amnesty or Guest worker Bill or legal immigration increase!
Tell your Representative to Vote NO on the House Flake-Gutierrez bill!

Tell them to support Carrying Capacity Network's Positive Solution to the Mass Immigration Crisis:
Vote YES on a zero-net-immigration Moratorium!
Please visit our site www.carryingcapacity.org and help us in any way possible.

Leader Reid Introduces Last Year's Senate Bill as Stalking Horse for Bush’s Mass Alien Amnesty!
S1348 Would Avoid Committees and Public Scrutiny!
Vote could Occur Any Day!

Note: CCN is anti-mass immigration but NOT anti-immigrant.